ACT (CRM) Training Part 1

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    SAM Software provides bespoke or formal ACT! training courses for both ACT Professional and Professional for Workgroups
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    SAM Software provides bespoke or formal ACT! training courses for both ACT Professional and Professional for Workgroups

    ACT! Software Training can either be conducted on your premises or at our dedicated training centre. When attending our ACT! software training course you will be provided with an ACT! training manual, buffet lunch and a completion certificate at the end of the ACT! training course. All our courses are fully interactive and each course tutor is a fully qualified ACT! Certified Consultant

    ACT! Training in Nottingham, derby, Leicester, Birmingham, London, West Midlands, east Midlands

    Company ACT! Software Training

    Focussed on your company requirements and taught using our syllabus but with your own customised layouts and processes (if applicable), these courses can either be held at your offices or at our ACT! training centre.

    Individual ACT! Software Training

    Held on the first and last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each month, these training days are designed specifically for the individual user rather than the corporate user. Other individual users will join you on these ACT! training courses at our training centre.

    Bespoke ACT! Training Course

    Our tailored courses are designed specifically to meet your requirements. This may include elements from both our standard and advanced ACT! training courses. We can also expand on topics where you may require more detail. Prior to the tailored training course taking place we will have a consultation meeting with you in order to understand your exact requirements.
    There are two elements to the ACT training, Beginner and Advanced, each element consists of a one day course designed to increase the delegate's knowledge to all of ACT!'s functions. By the end of this course delegates can expect to be able to use ACT! to its fullest as a contact relationship management software package, a sales and marketing tool or is able to perform administrative functions and maintain the ACT database. Delegates will be expected to have completed the previous level prior to moving onto the advanced level.

    Course Content

    Beginner (1 Day)



    • ACT! Screen Elements,
    • Navigation Bar Menu,
    • Icons and Tabs


    Contact Record Basics:


    • Structure of a Contact Record,
    • Data Entry Rules,
    • Limit User access to Contacts*,
    • Notes and History Tabs,
    • Rich text formatting, Creating,
    • Editing and Deleting Records


    Groups and Companies:


    • Creating and populating a Group or Company,
    • Switching Group and Company View Bar,
    • Collective Notes, History,
    • Activity and Sales Entries


    Using ACT! Reports:


    • Introducing ACT! Reports,
    • Running and filtering ACT!  reports,
    • Using Company, Group and Opportunity reports,
    • Saving ACT! Reports and printing options


    Locating Contacts:


    • The Lookup Menu,
    • Lookup Variations, Contact List,
    • Customising Contact List View,
    • Contact Tag Mode,

    • Searching Secondary Contacts,

    • Annual Events Tracker,

    • Contact Activity,

    • Keyword Searches,

    • Creating A Look-up Query

    Document Management:


    • Document attachments, Opening,
    • editing and removing files


    Opportunity Management:


    • Creating Opportunities, Editing,
    • Closing and filtering opportunities,
    • Producing standard sales reports


    Activity and Calendar Management:


    • Creating Activities, Viewing Activities
    • Customising the Work Week Calendar View,
    • Scheduling with multiple contacts,
    • ACT! Activities integrated with Outlook


    Working with ACT! e-mail:


    • Sending / receiving e-mails,
    • Microsoft Outlook and ACT! e-mail integration, Creating a contact record from incoming e-mail,
    • Attaching e-mails to a Contact,
    • Creating an activity from an e-mail, and e-mail merges


    Writing Correspondence and Mail Merges:


    • Using ACT! to write letters,

    • Creating ACT! letter templates,

    • Mail merging to contacts,

    • Using the ACT! menu within Microsoft Word,

    • Printing labels and envelope


    Internet Services:


    • ACT! Internet Services menu options,
    • Attaching web pages to Contacts



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