Agreements Overview

Sam agreements Module

SAM’s Service Agreements module simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information. The module enables users to manage the assets assigned to Agreements, (e.g. leases, warranties) between your company and external organizations. Users can also create intra-organizational Agreements and track the activity status of each asset associated with an Agreement using an extensive menu of reporting functions. The service module places strong emphasis on the setup of Agreements and Agreement assets for the on-going management of assets with contractual ties.

Agreement Management

The Status of an agreement can be changed. For example, you may want to put an agreement on hold if there is a dispute over Invoicing. Setting the agreement status to On Hold will temporarily cancel it. Other Contract Statuses include; Draft, Invoices, Active, Cancelled, Expired.

  • Agreements can be copied. If you wish to create another agreement that has many of the same features of an existing one, you can use the copy functionality.
  • Agreements can be linked to jobs. When jobs are closed off, the agreement can be automatically updated to either deduct time or the number of jobs still available.
  • Agreements can be filtered, and advanced finds can be run to see how many Support agreements or Service Contracts your company has.

Creating New Agreements

To create a new agreement, click on the ‘New Agreement’ button and then the popup window below will be displayed, you can select a customer and site from the drop-down boxes.

Automatic Reference

By clicking on the “Automatics Reference Button you can generate a reference for the agreement or you type in a manual reference if required.

Date Range

Set the date Range, the dates covered by the Agreement – You can specify the start and end date of the Agreement, this effectively provides an unlimited support option for the customer during this time.

Agreement Product List

Details of the agreement are entered in the ‘Description’ field by clicking on the add item button which will overlay and display the products list below

The required products can be added to the agreements form and a description by highlighting the item and clicking the OK button. You can change the description of items or use the S1 product to type in a completely new description for an agreement item.

Agreements Footer

Each line item cost will be totaled and an overall cost for he agreement calculated. You can discount the overall total for the agreement or override the totted-up total, click the Save button to complete adding the agreement.


At the footer of the popup window there is a print option which allows you the option of printing a hard copy of the agreement, you can also select an a greement from the overview screen and click the print option.

Invoice Frequency

When setting the invoicing frequency, there are three options that are available, Monthly, By-Annually, and Annually, once you’ve selected the agreed option for this customer, the system will allow you to invoice the agreement using the current dates, a copy of the invoice will be available in the sales order module. Invoiced agreements are locked based on the invoicing cycle selected, this cycle can only be changed by an administrator.


Once the agreement is completed and saved, you can produce an invoice for the customer by pressing the invoice button which is located at the footer of the popup window. You can also bulk invoice from the agreements overview screen based on a date range, or a selected group of agreements, use the filtering options to select a group of agreements to invoice.

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