Loyal customers are few and far between for most businesses. But what makes a customer loyal? Is it just someone who comes back to you each week or month to buy from you again? It can be, and they would help your business grow.


However, a truly loyal customer is a marketing tool like no other. They will spread the word about anything they like about your products and services.


They will put a positive word out online either by leaving reviews on websites like Yell or by participating in discussions regarding your business. Therefore keeping them sweet and happy with the service you provide as a company is a MUST!



customer loyalty



How do you earn customer loyalty?


Why is customer loyalty so important? Can’t you just acquire new customers? According to some studies it costs from 5 up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer as it does to retain a current one.


That’s why for a growing business being able to offer a customer experience better than your competition could earn a good reputation within your target market. People are more likely to return to your company if they enjoyed the first experience.


There are many of ways a company could improve its customer service from being friendly and inviting over the phone to going out of your way to do something for a customer without any direct benefit to your business.


Every positive thing you do for a customer will help gain their trust. But having reliable and fast service is one of the key reasons a customer will buy from you again.


In a study by vision critical, it shows that 42% of customers will stop shopping with a brand after two bad experiences.

If you are a retail or engineering company and are still using excel or paper to manage the important parts of your business this is a good place to start to make improvements.


Your staff can easily get overrun and manual errors can occur causing inaccurate stock takes which could lead to your sales team selling stock that isn’t actually available in your warehouse.


If you are a growing retail business, managing the stock in your warehouse is vital, which suggests that your company should have implemented a stock management system of sorts.



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We are a Sage business partner and would normally recommend Sage’s or our own stock inventory system, but it’s imperative that you have a stock inventory system in order to aid the growth of your business.


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