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Browse faster use less memory and power with Google Chrome


Google has over one billion users and that’s an incentive for web developers to regularly improve their platform by giving users the best features available. Google’s latest Chrome version 48 for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android has lots of improvements such as memory saving and lower power consumption.


Chrome 48 is faster and works better, it can detect when a webpage is idle and reduce memory consumption. According to Tim Schiesser, TechSpot, ‘’this new version of Chrome reduces RAM usage by around 10 percent on average.’’ Compared to previous versions, the new browser frees up nearly a quarter of the memory it was using for Gmail.


For example, if you are watching a video, the browser will pause all advertisements that are on the side. According to Google, this should lead to increased speed of page-load and reduced power consumption by the browser. The new Chrome remembers where you left off and will restore the tabs from most viewed to least recently viewed, ensuring that you see the important tabs quickly.


The scroll performance has been improved. People who use the scroll wheel on their mouse no longer receive mouse position updates.


In summary, Chrome 48 not only allows you to browse the Internet faster, it saves on memory, re-organise the running tabs, and speeds up launch time, which leads to reduced battery usage and a lot more.