forest mills development

Maryland Securities have finally submitted plans to redevelop the Forest Mills site on Alfreton Road, the first phase consist of an eight-storey mixed-used residential development of 81 flats and seven commercial units. Businesses on Alfreton are really excited about this after waiting many years to get rid the Forest Mills eyesore.

There was an attempt to redevelop the the site ten years ago during the period of New Deal for Communities, but this failed due to protests from local businesses, they did not agree with the suggested use. These latest plans are more sympathetic with the requirements of the local community.

Forest mills is about 500 meters down from SAM Software Solutions and we are certainly looking forward to this development, the whole area is on the rise, I am sure we'll be able to attract more shoppers into the area. Our business is primarily focused on B to B but with the area being more attractive we will attract the whole range of clients.