Are you struggling to keep up with paper based room booking? Find rooms being double booked? SAM Room Booking is a solution that allows you to manage conference centers, meeting rooms and office spaces with a variety of options for multiple rooms within the business.


What does it do?


SAM room booking provides an easy way of managing each room within the business to make double booking almost impossible. It allows you to view the status of a room to see if it is available to be booked. It will allow a business to run smoothly and completely stress free as you have confidence that the room that was booked will be available to that customer for the time period they requested.



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How could you benefit?


SAM Room Booking will allow your business to run a lot more smoothly without the worry of overbooked recourses due to a slip in communication. It will make very clear when there are free time slots available so the maximum amount of groups can be out through to maximise profits. It makes your business look professional and well organised making customers more loyal as they have confidence in the business.



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These are some common issues businesses without room booking software face:

  • Double bookings
  • Bad communication
  • Over booking resources
  • Manual errors


To conclude, SAM Room Booking is an advanced solution that can handle all of the room scheduling and management needs. If you need more information about this or one of our other products feel free to visit our website at