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Competently control your service costs with Service Management


As Service organisations grow in prominence and become more complex, their processes needs to be simple and manageable in order to control escalating labour costs. The Service team costs can escalate if they do not have access to information when they need it, at the right time and in the right format.

Service costs can also be affected by such factors as business expansion where unexpected service expenses can be a consequence of administrative errors or mistakes.

A great tool for controlling service costs is a service management system that allows your organisation to manage the day-to-day jobs and service requests from clients. The system would manage incoming customer requests for service and allows for the scheduling and planning of jobs



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Workforce scheduling and appointment booking is simplified, the whole process is automated and leads to reduced administrative costs.

With a service management solution office and field workers are connected and the business productivity is increased by allocating important resources to the right user or department. All data transfers happen in real time. Ensuring that your organisation saves time and money.

You can manage assets, create, print and email orders, generate recurring jobs, orders, drop-ship orders, and special bids/quotes, record unlimited notes and memos, create a return order when necessary, apply it to the original purchase order, create invoices by the press of a button! Everything is simple, quick and goes towards reducing the cost of your service operation.

The luxurious suite of different modules provided by service management system ensures that it’s users can comfortably do everyday jobs without hassles, stress or errors. Your employees are more satisfied, the work environment improves and you gain a greater control of your service personnel.



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A good Service management solution also helps to reduce service costs by giving the latest information about your engineering department expenditure, highlighting revenue opportunities and scheduling appointments directly into each field worker's mobile device.

Automation, simplified operations, data transfers to the right places, full information about the latest actions and even more benefits from a service management solution helps to easily control the service costs. So why don't you read more about SAM Service Management that can improve your business efficiency and increase your profit margins?