Why Do You Need It?


Experts in service management are becoming increasingly optimistic about the growth of service revenue. We could be seeing a move away from the cost-cutting initiatives which have been shown in the past few years. It is now moving towards managing expansion in the service sector. Improving customer service is now at the forefront of some business ideas and will continue to develop as new management techniques and systems arise. Service Management Software is a way of managing how you should go around supporting your customers; it can make sure that you look at your customers in a holistic way, meaning you look at them as a whole and suit their exact needs.





What Can It Do For You?


Almost two-thirds of those questioned are in need of a system that will help them improve focus on the customer side of their business. That means they are looking for deeper relationships with their customers to gain market advantage. This will ensuring they have more satisfied customers, which in itself will do far more for a company's image and reputation than many ad campaigns. A more personalised service is also available for an in depth customer analysis of clients; logging of relevant data, rapid retrieval capabilities, report generation and real-time graphing are just a few of service management software's capabilities. Improving customer service will increase the trust in the company making clients more likely to want to work with the business. Other related software functionality includes Job Scheduling applications and Mobile Workforce Management Products, both of which are increasingly incorporated into the same standalone packages.





Do You Need It Right Now?


Utilising CRM tools normally calls for a comprehensive strategy for service management, which often means new software applications. Companies already implementing customer management solutions have a head start in that their staff are already familiar with customer interactions and company-wide integration of its management systems. But those companies yet to invest in CRM or Service Management Software have the most to gain as the increase in efficiency is still available for them.





To Conclude


And if you still remain unconvinced of the benefits to your company from a unified software application to manage your company's workflow, here are a few chilling statistics from the Service Council's report that might encourage your company to take the plunge.

    - 46% of firms do not attain 90% customer satisfaction

    - 77% have not cut average Mean Time to Repair in the last 12 months

    - 42% have not increased workforce productivity as measured by average daily number of completed calls 


So if your company needs a helping hand to hit revenue, profit or customer satisfaction targets, it might be time to invest in a workforce management solution and ride the crest of the coming service boom rather than trailing in your rivals' wake.