The Basics


Enterprise Resource Planning software is a cost effective way of managing day to day job and service requirements for small or large businesses. SAM ERP is capable of managing many different jobs at once, most of which will cover most of your business solutions such as stock control, service manager and asset management.



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Service Management


SAM ERP is a large package that contains the characteristics of service manager; this software allows you to track customer activity with the inbuilt CRM system which can hold all of your customer files and reports. Having a CRM system is vital to make sure that you keep track of what has been discussed and agreed with each customer. Everyone connected to the CRM can view any of the files stored in it even if you aren't the contact manager that added them. This will make sure that if a co-worker needs to call a customer on your behalf they know enough about them and what you have discussed to be able to pick up the conversation.

Creating Reports, this is another aspect of SAM ERP that enables you to be able to create a job sheet - a page of instructions to help an engineer with their assignment.

Job sheets are a lot easier to create using our ERP software as it will save you valuable time as the template for the job sheet is already created.

Job scheduling is a further benefit of SAM ERP; this is capability will allow you to manage jobs, create a task within the system and schedule engineers, technicians or external consultants to complete the job, even if the job goes over multiple days



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Stock Control


SAM ERP also has a stock control element, this enables the user to make sales quotations, sales orders and invoices; this will assist you with all your customer billing needs, this will allow you to set up a quote for a customer easily and quickly.

A Sales Order is a document that is created when a client makes a purchase, it is a confirmation document for the business. It can be sent to the customer before the delivery of the product to confirm what they have purchased. Once accepted, the product can be dispatched. This an important process that will alleviate the process if you are dealing with a large amount of customers.

The invoice can be sent by post or email the ERP system can let you track outstanding invoices and may need following up

Our purchase order system allows the company to track the delivery date of the products and keeps a rocord of the price and order the customer has sent..



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Asset Management


This can track the asset owned by, or loaned to your customer ie, work contributed to that asset can be tracked from day one and can be viewed or altered at any point.



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To Conclude


The SAM ERP system is a multipurpose package perfect for any company that can automate most aspects of your business. For further information on its ability please log onto our website at