Assured Solutions Case Study

    Assured Solutions - How SAM Stock Inventory Lightened Our Workload

    Assured Solutions are both suppliers and distributors of high-quality industrial cleaning products to such companies as Clarke International and Cromwell Tools. Assured also apply customized labelling so that small independent firms can market its products as their own.

    With extensive R & D laboratories and flexible production capacity, the company specialises in formulating chemicals to suit specific applications.

    When they contacted SAM Software in January 2011, Assured Solutions already had computerised labelling software to allow a flexible manufacturing process for their OEM clients. All fluids and compounds produced at Assured Solutions were subject to stringent quality controls, with highly technical support. But there was a problem.

    Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble…the bottleneck in the company's production process was their administrative procedures. Before they purchased the SAM Stock Inventory software, the company relied on Sage Accounts to cost their products.

    Prior to purchasing the SAM suite, the team at Assured lacked a way to update changes to their bill of materials across the whole company.

    The CEO explains: "For instance, when the price of sodium hydroxide went through the roof two years ago, costing for each and every manufactured product containing the chemical had to be manually updated.”

    So if one product contained 10% sodium hydroxide by volume, a 50% increase in one raw material's price needed to be calculated and updated across all the company’s various was all very laborious, monotonous and terribly inefficient.

    SAM Software to the rescue. A modifiable database of formulae, ingredients, SKUs and finished products was synchronised with Sage Accounts. Now any changes made in Sage to Assured's materials of production are instantly, effortlessly updated right across the company's systems.

    Engineers no longer need fret about outdated B.O.M.s. The Accounts department needn’t panic that engineers are pouring money down the drain. The flow of information through the system at Assured Solutions has been streamlined.

    Nowadays, says Paul, “ all that's needed is a simple one-time change to the database, and it automatically synchronises with Sage to update every bill of materials system-wide instantly.

    Paul notes that SAM’s Software’s Stock Inventory System has had other knock-on effects at Assured Solutions. “Overall productivity has improved enormously, and it has helped with the sales side of the business. Quotes can now be given more accurately, making our profit-and-loss accounting more efficient."

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