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    Case Study – IT Solutions Company

    This particular IT Company which implemented a SAM Solutions package did not want their competitors to know the software they are using, so we’ll refer to them simply as Company X.

    Company X works in partnership with both private and public sector organisations across the UK within all market sectors. They provide IT equipment, office supplies, IT support and personalised solutions tailored to a particular client’s specific needs.

    As James said, "Integration between ACT! CRM & Sage 50 was the big thing for us. Before SAM came along our company really had no back end at all - we were basically working with a paper trail."

    According to James the SAM package first got their attention because it was inexpensive; the company was aware there were a lot more expensive solutions out there, but the good thing about SAM Software’s solution was that it plugged into their existing ACT CRM and Sage 50 Accounts software packages.

    James also states that "SAM Software’s solution made it possible for them to get better utilisation of the software they already had - we didn't need to buy or change our existing suite; we were effectively just using an add-on," added James.

    SAM Stock Inventory Software and order processing system is a multi-user stock management system constructed around the Microsoft SQL Server. Users can take orders from one workstation whilst other users can simultaneously book in stock, or dispatch goods from a separate terminal anywhere within the company.

    The SAM Software order processing system for ACT! CRM, incorporates an interface into the Sage 50 Accounts application and delivering an integrated front and back office system for companies wanting fast throughput with multiple sales personnel taking orders at the same time.

    “SAM Software’s Order processing system for ACT! Made it possible for better utilisation of the software we already had - we didn't need to buy or change our existing suite.”

    As well as the usual inventory flow features, SAM’s stock management suite includes purchasing and invoicing modules and a complete suite of report and quote generation tools as standard.

    During the initial software demonstration it became clear that the IT Company required a number of features not provided by the Stock Inventory system out of the box.

    Top of the list was integration of sales with the Sage 50 Accounts package, and having all products to synchronize automatically between the Sage Act! & Sage 50 Accounts applications.

    Also important was that individual salespeople should only be able to manage their own leads all the way through the sales process. SAM Solutions also added to the functionality of the standard Sage/Act! Apps by introducing a permissions system, implemented right through the installation, to allow admins more access to various parts of the database.

    After using the SAM Stock Inventory and order processing system for last year our company has made great strides, we’ve become much more efficient, we’ve expanded and moved into new premises.

    The managing director of company X, who we shall refer to simply as James, reports that SAM "helped us grow and was an important factor in helping us get where we are."

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