Mobile eForm Software

Using service management software allows your administration team to go paperless and improve their accuracy and productivity, this can be expanded to your mobile workers by using the SAM Mobile App. With the SAM Mobile App, you can upload any mobile eForm document and it can then be updated by a mobile worker while they are on the move allowing them to go paperless. It is very easy to upload documents and they can be documents that you already use (e.g. MS Word document), or you can have documents designed to suit your business’s specific needs.

When the work has been completed, the mobile worker can take the customers’ digital signature and it is instantly added to the document and available for a colleague on the administration team.

Mobile EForm Signature

Mobile eForm Features:

Documents Type – You can add any MS Word or .html based document and it will be available across all devices.

Field Selection – Choose from a variety of form field types.

Configurable Fields – Change field type to improve the quality of data captured and speed up the process.

Digital Signature – When the job is completed the mobile worker can use the app to take the customer’s digital signature and sign off the completed job, the signature is time-stamped and this time is saved in the job history.

Works On & Off-Line – The App works both online and offline, when it’s online it works through a data connection, such as WiFi and 3G/4G mobile data services, when it is offline it doesn’t require a data connection, however, once it makes an Internet connection it immediately synchronizes with the server. All the information is time-stamped, meaning that if a customer signature is taken while offline, the actual time of the signature is updated when the app synchronizes with the centralized database.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


Go Paperless – The main aim of eForms is to allow businesses to go paperless, this reduces errors and increases accuracy. Using eForms a mobile worker can’t forget to take a signature as their job won’t be completed without one; there is no paper to damage or loss, and they are much less likely to key in the wrong information.

Save Time – Mobile eForms can save a lot of time and resources for your business. There’s never any need for mobile workers to visit the office to collect the physical paperwork, or to drop them off after the job has been completed. Also, administration staff don’t need to manually enter the data on to a spreadsheet, this is done automatically and they only have to verify the information.

Personalised Forms – You can create your own forms with any fields that you want to use to capture the information, also, you can add your company logo to any of the forms you use.

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