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Samtouch is an ‘on premise’ “Point of Sale” software solution. The software is fully developed and is painstakingly tested alongside the brand leading Point of Sale hardware (SAM4S) to ensure 100% compatibility, leading to a reassuringly high level of reliability required for the retail sector.

The SamTouch POS Software is designed to be used in Retail Shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, Convenience Stores, delicatessens, Newsagents, Grocers, and many other types of Retail Stores. it works seamlessly with the Sam4s brand Windows-based terminals.

Unlike other EPoS software, Samtouch does not need a continual link to a cloud server. Samtouch is independent of any external software, it will operate seamlessly during service, even if the internet connection is lost.

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The software is easy to set up and easy to use. It offers all the key features required for all sectors of the hospitality industry.

In addition to the ‘on premise’ front end solution, Samtouch Office is a low-cost SAAS cloud-based back-office solution. The software offers a higher tier of management reporting from a central point. Samtouch Office works across any operating platform with a web browser application.

Whether managing one or many locations, Samtouch Office provides you with the flexibility to view management reports at your leisure. Highlight real-time trading information, monitor areas such as operator errors and refunds which assists in reducing shrinkage. And indeed allows for adding or updating product prices in real-time.

Profitability reporting, stock management, and operator tracking are all parts of the rich features that Sam touch Office offers. As a SAAS cloud solution, Samtouch is always up to date. No need for costly & time-consuming updates it is all part of the system’s solution.

Caller ID

Samtouch Caller ID

See information about your customers on your Samtouch system even before answering the telephone, their details are immediately brought up on the screen, all you need do is verify their contact details and proceed to take their order.



Remote Services

Samtouch Remote Services

Enhance efficiency, increase service accuracy and adopt best practice operations by utilising tablet operation at the table, this speeds up service and dramatically reduces wrong orders, enhancing customer experience.


Food Allergies

Samtouch Food Allergies

If you need to  provide allergen information to your consumers for food or drink, Samtouch Allergen Feature assists you to enquire if a product has any allergen content before selling the product. 


Dynamic Screen Setup

Samtouch Dynamic Screen Setup

With the Samtouch ‘Dynamic Screen’ setup feature all you need to do is to create the product and assign it to a category. 


Floating Operators and Tabs

Samtouch Floating Operators and Tabs

With Samtouch any operator can start a ‘Sale/Tab’ on one terminal and add to or finalise the sale on another terminal.


Digital Receipts

Samtouch Digital Receipts

Captcha customer email addresses at the point of sale by offering to send their receipt to their email address


Customer Loyalty

Samtouch Customer Loyalty

Loyalty cards can be issued to customers to earn points and redeem special offers or membership discount



Samtouch Promotions

Samtouch facilitates definable promotions and discounts that are easy to setup and use. Management can easily incentivise and influence customers spending trends.


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