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Sam Service Manager streamlines the management of your service department and provides a holistic view of your customers. The software is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency across your daily business operations. It empowers businesses to go paperless and streamline several repetitive processes through automation while providing real-time information about ongoing day-to-day activities.

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Essential Features of SAM Service Manager

SAM is packed with several useful features that help provide a permanent link between your customers, the administration team, and mobile workers. Customers can have 24-hour access and log jobs through the customer portal.

The administration team can go paperless and use SAM to automate several of their daily activities across several areas of the business. Mobile workers can use the SAM Mobile App to receive job information and send real-time job updates to customers and the administration team.

Manage your company’s interaction with customers, increasing sales and improving customer retention.

Track your fixed assets, always know who the asset is allocated to, and when the asset is due back. Track customer assets and manage the asset’s service history.

Manage your stock, know your bestselling, and most profitable product lines, manage stock levels, and make the right decisions about what to order.

SAM’s Service Agreements module simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information.

The Sales orders module is a primary module within the Sam system it allows for the creation of sales orders, invoices, shipping of goods, and processing of completed orders into the accounts.

The purchase order module facilitates the management of purchase orders, from generating orders to recording purchase invoices.

Manage staff schedules from anywhere. Drag jobs onto the desired time, the assigned engineer will be instantly notified of updates to their schedule.

The SAM Mobile App expands the benefits of SAM Service Manager from your office administrators to your mobile workers. It is a portable and flexible solution designed to track and maintain service requests.

SAM Service Management Software incorporates an interface into Sage Accounting & Sage 50 Accounts, delivering a seamlessly integrated front-of-the-office and back-office system. 

Manage cash flow, buy the right products from the right suppliers at the right time. Have an up-to-date, and comprehensive view of suppliers.

Customers can log in at any time to report issues, and review the status of jobs that are in the system and are being worked on.

Create sales orders, quotations, jobs for potential or existing customers, then if they want to proceed with the order, you can quickly process the order.

Inform customers whenever a change or update has been made to a reported issue.

The Job History can be seen at a glance. Job sheets are automatically created from the details entered.

Create quotations quickly and send them to customers. You can create and send professional-looking quotes to customers in minutes.

The SAM jobs management module is the home of all your job management activities, it combines with modules to streamline the day-to-day operations of your business.

Use Sam’s bookings diary to exchange information between the administration team, mobile workers, and management.

Provide insights into every aspect of your business. Create and run reports at the touch of a button, improve your company’s profitability.


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SAM Service Manager is an out-of-the-box solution, tailored to the unique needs of your business, suitable for engineering and service businesses. The software is packed with features to help keep your business truly organised and ensure customers are kept updated with the state of any outstanding jobs.

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