Barcode & Serial Number Tracking

Barcode Scanning

From security equipment retail to food production, for many years now bar codes are widely used to provide real-time access to information and tracking of barcodes and serial numbers. With Sam’s built in barcode & serial Number Tracking software you can easily create your own customized labels for a variety of purposes, and it can lead to a number of benefits like increased accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. The barcoding software built into our Service Asset manager completely removes the need for any additional software products, integrating these two processes reduces errors and increases efficiencies.

Barcode & Serial Number Tracking

Stock taking and overall stock management becomes a lot more productive and accurate using bar code scanning technology. Attaching barcodes to your stock items makes them instantly readable to a barcode scanner and allows the technology to do the work for you. This significantly reduces the possibility for human error and is much faster than manually tallying the stock items and entering the data into a spreadsheet.

As the barcode scanning software is easy to use and implement, you can simplify and be precise with your stock count while producing data for analysis and forecasting

Barcode & Serial numbers provide a unique identifier for stock items, and they enable quick and easy access to the complete history of a stock item or part. Using serial numbers creates data and information that can be used for analysis and forecasting, also, they are essential for product recalls. They are vital for manufacturers as they provide accurate tracking, transport, and order from the start to the finish of the manufacturing process. Also, after-sales customer services are boosted with the use of serial numbers, when there is a faulty item or product return, the serial number provides an accurate history.


✅  Access Information – Bar codes give you quick and easy access to your product information. They can be used to create inventory labels, asset tags, address and shipping labels, ID badges, and coupons. So you can quickly design custom labels, including bar codes, text, and graphics.

✅  Bar Code Tracking – You can create bar codes and attach them to stock items or parts, then these can be tracked and identified using the bar code.

✅  Serial Number Tracking – Manufacturers can create serial numbers and attach them to products during the manufacturing process, then a product or a whole batch of products can be identified alongside the entire production history of the product.

✅  Accounts Software Integration – Using bar codes allows you to transport, receive & count stock, you can track parts across multiple locations while integrating your stock levels with your accounts software.

✅  Custom Labels – create inventory labels, asset tags, address and shipping labels, ID badges, and coupons. That means you can rapidly design custom labels, including bar codes, text, and graphics.

✅  Instant Stock Updates – Your stock levels are instantly updated when a bar code is scanned.

✅  Works Across Multiple locations – Barcode scanning updates can be entered across multiple locations generating real-time stock data for management.

✅  SAM Mobile App – The SAM Mobile App can be used for barcode scanning, this portable and flexible solution is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. This could be much cheaper than purchasing a barcode scanner.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Improve Efficiency – Bar code technology makes it easier to identify operational or productivity issues and they are faster than using a manual system.

✅  Eliminate Human Errors – Using bar codes and serial numbers completely removes the possibility of human error as there is no more entering of data. They’re a fast and reliable stock control solution, much quicker and accurate than manually entering data.

✅  Customer Satisfaction – Your customers will appreciate the speed and accuracy of your team when they respond and access real-time business information to resolve their issues. Your company will improve its reputation by quickly and efficiently responding to customer enquiries, this will create a good impression with your current clients, contribute to customer retention and attract new customers’.

✅  Reduce Waste – Serial number tracking allows manufacturers and warehouses to use Lean Inventory Management, a systematic approach that enhances the value of the company’s stock by identifying and eliminating waste of materials, effort and time, freeing up capital that’s unnecessarily tied up to the ‘stock on hand’.

✅  After Sales Customer Service – Without serial numbers after-sales customer service delivery would be a much more difficult task. Serial numbers ensure that if a part is faulty or a customer wants to return a product, the required information is easily available.

✅  Easy to Use – The barcode scanner is easy to use, your employees only need to point the scanner at the barcode and the technology does the rest.

✅  Go Paperless – Using barcode scanning software completely eliminates the need for paper when stock taking, this can significantly improve accuracy.

✅  Improve Productivity – Barcode scanning is much quicker than manually counting the stock and then keying in the data, this means that your employees’ time can be used more effectively.

✅  Produces Data – Every time a stock item is scanned data is generated, the data can then be used for a variety of applications like planning, stock allocation and financial forecasting.

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