Reporting Software

Reporting Software

In order to plan, monitor and evaluate company progress, reports are a valuable tool that can combine pertinent information from various departments for leadership and management. SAM contains a number of easily accessible reports with templates suited to the different modules, for example, there are customer activity reports that can be found in the customers module. The reports allow you to question, filter and group your company data, you can also visualize your data with graphs and charts. Reports can be triggered by certain activities and instantly sent to their appropriate parties, this ensures that stakeholders are always up to date with company activities.

Reports are a very important area of the SAM suite of programs. All reports within the system can be accessed from the reports module, also within each module there is a reports tab which shows all the reports that are specific to that module.

if you wanted to see your Customer Activity report, you can go into the Customers module, then click the Reports tab and choose the appropriate report from the dropdown. Likewise, the Jobs module has reports specific to each job.

There are numerous reports available for each module, to view reports for each module you can select the module from the menu then click on the reports tab and you will see all the reports available in that module in a tree view.

Reports Details

The reports module uses Crystal Reports for editing, if you need to edit existing reports making them more suitable to your needs or create new reports you will need a copy of crystal reports installed on your computer.


✅   Create Customized Reports – You can use reports to arrange a variety of company data. There are a number of report templates and reports can be customized to suit your specific needs.

✅   Visualize Your Data – The reports are not limited to numerical data, you can also visualize your data with graphics and charts.

✅   Automated Reporting – Reports can be automatically sent when triggered by certain events, and these reports can be sent to multiple email accounts.

✅   Crystal Reports – SAM generates the reports using Crystal Reports, therefore, the reports have the full capabilities of Crystal Reports. This includes: Windows and mobile compatibility, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Flash and HTML 5 integration. Customers can generate their own reports for SAM, however, you will need your own copy of Crystal Reports.


✅   Easily Accessible – Reports are easily accessible and can be found in the Reports tab, also, you can access module specific reports with each module.

✅   Aesthetically Pleasing – Sometimes it’s ‘easier on the eye’ to use visual aids, like graphics and charts to represent your data.

✅   Accurate Information – Leadership and management can confidently make decisions based on the accurate data they receive through reports.

✅   Stakeholder Management – The honest and transparent nature of reporting accelerates stakeholder engagement and it helps to maintain a good working relationship between these.