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To effectively plan, monitor, and evaluate company progress, reports serve as a valuable tool. Which can be used to consolidates and presents comprehensive information from various departments.

These reports provide insights into key metrics. Such as trends, and performance indicators, empowering leadership and management to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives. By leveraging the data compiled in these reports, organizations can gain a holistic view of their operations. Identify areas for improvement, and optimize processes to enhance overall efficiency and success.


SAM provides a variety of easily accessible report templates tailored to different modules, such as customer activity reports found in the customer module. 

The reporting module facilitates analysis and enables filtering, grouping, and visualization of company data through graphs and charts. 

Reports can be triggered by specific activities and instantly sent to their appropriate parties, ensuring all stakeholders are updated on company activities.

Reports List

The reporting module is a vital component of the SAM suite of programs. Each report can be accessed from this module. Additionally, within each module, there is a tab that displays all reports specific to that module.

Reports Details

If you want to view your Customer Activity report, navigate to the Customers module, then click on the Reporting tab, and choose the appropriate report from the dropdown menu.

Similarly, the Jobs module features reports specific to each job.

Numerous reports are available for each module. You can access them by selecting the module from the menu and clicking on the Reports tab.

You will find all the document templates available in that module displayed in a tree view.

Job Sheets

After receiving an order from a customer, the information can be saved and utilized to generate a customized digital job sheet featuring your company logo. Conversion into PDF format is easily achievable with a simple mouse click, enabling you to promptly dispatch the sheet to mobile workers, customers, or the head office.

Job Sheet

Workers can utilize the SAM mobile app to record parts, times, and completed work, as well as capture digital signatures from clients and transmit them back to the office.

The job sheet is automatically generated based on the job information and collected signatures.

This streamlined process saves time and facilitates efficient authorization of jobs without the need for onsite paperwork.



Crystal Reports

To optimize the customization of document templates within the reporting module, it’s imperative to ensure the correct installation of Crystal Reports on your device. This powerful tool empowers users to effortlessly modify existing templates to suit their specific requirements or create entirely new reports from scratch. With Crystal Reports seamlessly integrated into the system, users can access a wide range of features and functionalities, including advanced formatting options, dynamic data visualization tools, and extensive report customization capabilities. By harnessing the full potential of Crystal Reports, businesses can enhance the effectiveness and versatility of their reporting processes, leading to more insightful analyses and informed decision-making.

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