Sage eCommerce Integration

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Synchronize your website sales with your accounting software through Sage eCommerce integration. Companies with products on sale through an eCommerce website need a link between the two locations, without a link they will have to manually update their accounting software and stock control software, the SAMLink Processor was designed to be that link and automate the sales process. The SAMLink Processor works silently in the background communicating with your website, stock control and accounting software, this increases accuracy while reducing errors and costs. You can maintain your product catalog and stock control exclusively on one system, and your eCommerce website can access the latest product prices and stock availability.

Samlink Processor

SamLink Processor links Sage 50 Accounts to Magento and other e-commerce solutions; it integrates directly in real-time with the back-end accounts system. The Sage Magento Integration suite allows you to administer and maintain your product catalogue and stock control exclusively on your accounts system.

The Magento  e-commerce webstore can accesse the latest product prices and saleable stock availability information directly from the accounts system, orders placed through your webstore are automatically downloaded into your Sage Accounts system. This all happens on a timely basis, 24-7.

As the web-store front-end and the accounts back-end system are likely to be in different locations, integration is implemented using a set of Web Services to streamline the process behind the scenes.


✅  Product Catalogs – The SAMLink Processor integrates with eCommerce website catalogs from a few products to tens of thousands of products with the same consistency.

✅  Real-time Sales Process – Customer registration, login authentication and sales order processing all happen in real-time.

✅  Fully Automated – Once installed and configured the SAMLink Processor works quietly in the background.

✅  Synchronizes Stock Levels – Your eCommerce website simultaneously communicates with your accounting software and your stock control software to synchronize your stock levels at all times

✅  Customer Specific Pricing – You can customize your pricing for customers from different groups. This could be individual customer pricing, customer discounts, or you can filter customers by discount or price group.


✅  Fully Automated Process – Once installed and configured the SAMLink Processor works quietly and continuously in the background.

✅  Accurate Data Entry – The fully automated process eliminates manual processing of data and guarantees data entry accuracy.

✅  Time Savings and Cost Reductions – With no need to re-type invoices, import orders or forward invoices the Sage eCommerce integration software saves administration time and costs.

✅  Marketing, Forecasting and Analysis – The SAMLink Processor collects all of your website sales data and this can used to create data lists. The data can be used for marketing lists, to forecast future sales or to analyse product sales from different departments.