Sage Fast Order Processor

The Sage Fast Order Processor is designed for company’s that use Sage 50 accounts and need to quickly generate sales orders. It is ideal for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and companies that use Sage 50 accounting software and sell lots of products in their day-to-day activities. It’s a massive upgrade on paper-based systems, or spreadsheets and allows sales agents to transfer sales transactions directly into Sage 50 accounts without accessing the software application.

Sage 50 Fast Order Plugin

It’s simple and easy to use interface provides a variety customer and product information that enables sales agents to boost their productivity and efficiency with minimal training required. The Sage 50 integration removes the need for the sales team to interact with accounting staff which reduces errors that occur with the duplication of information. There’s no need for sales staff to have Sage 50 accounts training and sensitive information is protected as only accounting staff will need to access the Sage 50 accounting software.

For sales teams that generate daily repeat orders the Sage Fast Order Processor makes life a lot easier. The sales order template provides a list of the company’s products and informs the sales agent which products were purchased in the last order. This is beneficial because the client could miss a product from today’s sales order, and this should prompt the sales agent to enquire why. This boosts sales because the client could have simply forgotten to order the product and provides intelligence because the client could have switched to another supplier for that product.


✅  Rapid Sales Order Creation – It literally takes seconds to process a sales order.

✅  Simple User Interface – It has a simple, easy to use interface that requires minimal training.

✅  Sage 50 Integration – The Sage Fast Order Processor communicates directly with Sage 50 Accounts without opening the accounts package.

✅  Customer Search – Use the search facility to quickly select specific customer accounts.

✅  Customer and Product Information – You can easily access customer and product information that is stored in Sage 50 accounting software.

✅  Individual Pricing – Sales agents have the ability to assign specific pricing for individual customers.

✅  Repeat Order Generation – The sales order template allows the user to view which products were ordered in the previous transaction. This makes it easy to quickly generate an identical or similar sales order.

✅  Profit Calculator – The sales order template allows sales agents to find out the profit from the sales order with a click of a button.


✅  Paperless Sales Orders – Using the Sage Fast Order Processor eliminates the need to use paper for sales orders, this reduces the chance of errors during when updating Sage 50 Accounts.

✅  Increased Productivity – Creating sales orders in seconds enables sales agents to be much more productive and creates time for other business generating activities.

✅  Faster Order Creation – Using the Sage Fast Order Processor is much quicker than using paper to take the order, and then duplicating the information to update Sage 50 Accounts.

✅  Cost Savings – The Sage Fast Order Processor helps to identify, and therefore protect against unprofitable orders. Also, it eliminates the need for multiple staff to have training to use Sage 50 Accounts.

✅  Information Security – The Sage Fast Order Processor enables sales agents to update Sage 50 Accounts without accessing the software, this protects the company from unnecessary individuals viewing sensitive company information.




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