Sage Fast Order Processor

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Companies that sell products and hold stock need to update their Sage accounting software with new sales orders. The Sage Fast Order Processor is designed to help non-Sage users to quickly create sales orders without interacting with Sage Accounts. This approach enables telesales staff to be able to quickly update the Sage accounting software without receiving any Sage training, also, without the Sage Fast Order Processor, this would be done manually (possibly using a paper-based system) which could result in unwanted errors.

Sage 50 Fast Order Plugin

Another key advantage of the Sage Fast Order Processor is that it uses the customer’s individual price list that is held in Sage Accounts. Then you can quickly select a previously ordered item for reordering, or if the customer wants to order something new, you can use the search facility to find their desired product with pricing. This completely removes the need to write down or type in each order repeatedly.


✅  Sage 50 Integration – The Sage Fast Order Processor communicates directly with Sage Accounting software, but the user does not need to use Sage Accounts.

✅  Simple Interface – It has a simple, easy to use interface that requires a very short amount of training.

✅  Faster Order Creation – Making orders with the Sage Fast Order Processor is much quicker than using paper to take the order, and then again to update the accounts software.

✅  Customers Purchase History – When the order is created, the user is presented with a list of the customer’s entire purchase history and price, this makes it much quicker to reorder previous purchases

✅  Individual Pricing – The Sage Fast Order Processor allows users to assign specific pricing for individuals or groups of customers.


✅  Go Paperless – The Sage Fast Order Processor completely eliminates the need to use paper during taking a sales order, also, there is no need to use paper to update the accounting software. This saves time and reduces the chance of any errors during the process.

✅  Increased Productivity – Sales staff can process a lot more orders using the SAM Fast Order Processor, this reduces their workload and enables the company to grow at a faster rate.

✅  Save Time – The Fast Order Processor saves users a lot of time, each action would take much longer using a paper-based data entry system.

✅  Make Savings – The Fast Order Processor helps to identify, and therefore protect against unprofitable orders. Also, staff would need Sage Training in order to use the Sage Accounts software.

✅  Information Security – The Fast Order Processor is designed for sales staff to update the Sage Accounts software, if they did this manually they would have access to the Sage Accounts software and potentially sensitive company information.