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Sales Order Processing

With Sam’s sales order module, the creation of sales orders and invoices can be expedited, thereby streamlining the sales process. 

These invoices are seamlessly synchronised with Sage 50 Accounts, ensuring the accuracy of your financial records. AlsoAdditionally, comprehensive oversight of the sales order process, from generating sales orders to handling returns and producing invoices, is gained.

This end-to-end management capability enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SAM establishes a seamless link between your customer information and your products and services, facilitating smooth transactions. Also, you can track goods within the sales order process, utilising batch or serial numbers for enhanced traceability. It also allows for the management of your inventory.

The Sales Order Module

Sales Orders
The Sales Orders module serves as a cornerstone within the SAM system. It facilitates various crucial functions, including the creation of sales orders, invoices, and the shipping of goods. Once orders are processed and completed, they are seamlessly transferred as invoices into Sage. The system is designed to assist in managing the sales order process, spanning from generating sales orders to generating invoices. This comprehensive approach enables you to track orders effectively and analyse customer trends, thereby enhancing your business insights.

Moreover, the module provides a robust mechanism for managing returns, ensuring a streamlined process throughout. Sales Order Processing seamlessly integrates your customer information with the goods and services you supply. Items are priced based on prices and discounts within the price list, providing clarity and consistency in your pricing strategy.

Stock Traceability

Sales Order details

SAM supports the traceability of goods not only within the sales order process but also within the purchasing process. This is achieved through the application of batch and serial numbers.
Furthermore, the Stock Control module facilitates the management of batch and serial numbered items. Regulating their behaviour within the system to ensure accurate tracking and inventory management.
For additional details, please consult your SAM Stock Control documentation.



The SAM Sales Order module allows for the creation of a document that can be sent to your customers, confirming the items and prices of the sale.

Once you have created a quotation for a client, and the quotation is accepted, you can simply click the convert button.

The quotation will then be transferred to the sales order module and marked as won. Just click the ship button to complete the sales order.

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