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Supplier Management

The supplier module enables you to manage a comprehensive list of all your suppliers, providing a detailed overview of each supplier’s account.

You can also track purchases and associated costs for each supplier, along with setting up and maintaining individual supplier currency and price lists.

When new suppliers are added to the system, they are automatically synchronized with Sage 50 accounts. Rigorous checks are conducted to prevent the creation of duplicate records, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

The Suppliers module offers a comprehensive overview of each supplier’s account and manages a centralized list of suppliers within the system. This module seamlessly integrates with the purchasing module, allowing for the tracking of purchases and associated costs for each supplier.

Additionally, the Suppliers module consolidates supplier currency and price lists, streamlining procurement processes. When new suppliers are added to the system, they are automatically synchronized with Sage 50 accounts, with built-in checks to prevent the creation of duplicate records.


✅ Purchasing Integration. The suppliers and purchasing modules works in conjunction and maintains a list of purchases and costs for each supplier.

Supplier Details

✅ Currency and price lists.  Your supplier’s currency and price lists are collated in this module.

✅ Sage 50 Integration. New suppliers are automatically synchronized with Sage 50 Accounts.


✅ Reduced costs. IT can be costly to set-up deals with new suppliers, therefore the management programme can eliminate many of those costs.

✅ Increased efficiency. Supplier relationship management leads to good communications. This ensures suppliers gain a more complete understanding of your businesses, it allows them to meet your needs more effectively. When issues in the ordering process arise, the working relationship between suppliers and your company make such issues easily resolvable.

✅ Price volatility. Customers are susceptible to price increases, nothing concerns consumers more than fluctuations in market prices. By adopting the principles of supplier relationship management, companies can often take advantage of fixed pricing or scaled increases.

✅ Consolidation. Collaborating closely with your supplier allows you to gain deeper insights into the inner workings of their business. In many instances, both parties can adjust their working practices and operations to better align with each other. This alignment can result in additional efficiencies and operational advantages for both businesses.

✅ Outsourcing – A successful supplier relationship will often create a trusting partnership between you your supplier. In some cases, this may result in some key activities being transferred to your supplier on a permanent basis.

✅ Improvement of operations – A long-term relationship between you and your supplier allows for the free-flow of feedback and ideas. Over time, this will create a more streamlined, effective supply chain that could have a positive impact on both costs and customer service.

Why Manage Suppliers

The supplier module, an indispensable component of the SAM suite, plays a pivotal role in every business’s success. By harnessing this robust tool, you can confidently procure top-quality goods and services from your vendors at competitive rates.

Moreover, the supplier module guarantees optimal value for your investment by meticulously evaluating vendors for trustworthiness, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. In essence, it serves as an invaluable asset for businesses striving to excel in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.

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