The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we do business and could be felt for many years to come. Several companies are now implementing work-from-home schemes, increasing the need for IT support and management. Fortunately, SAM Software Solutions (formerly Hunter Systems) has been providing a wide range of IT solutions in Nottingham and the East Midlands since 1995 and we can help your business adjust to this new normal.

Maintain Productivity

With the UK experiencing the worst recession of any major economy in the world, businesses must focus on their survival. This may sound worrying as “survival” means failure is not an option. This is why using IT solutions to boost productivity could be vital for your business.


Your security should be a constant factor in your business. Data handling and protection are important, especially now when people are making several online transactions. However, most small businesses cannot afford an in-house I.T. team to manage and protect their data systems. Fortunately, SAM Software Solutions can help with your data warehousing, management, and security.


We will only charge you for the service that you require. This is one of the benefits of working with SAM Software Solutions. We appreciate that everyone, under this pandemic, cannot afford not to be sparing with their resources. We offer a monthly subscription service or an hourly service if you don’t need constant support. However, if your business entails a lot of online transactions, then it’s helpful to have our experts on standby. We have technicians, customer support specialists, and other resources that will be too costly if done in-house.

We provide consultations or assessments of various IT infrastructures. This will help you to improve your system and increase your capacity, then subsequently, increase your revenue. Whatever your IT needs may be, our experts will be ready and you will immediately have an expert ready to cater to your needs.

Focus on Business

As the economy reacts to the global effects of COVID-19, business owners should all the more focus on the important things about their enterprise. This includes medium to longterm directions and strategies to cope with the next economic crisis. Unless you’re an I.T. expert yourself, you should only focus on your business and leave the I.T. concerns to the professionals. This way you’ll be able to take the necessary steps with your small business and ride the wave of recovery from the pandemic. The age wherein I.T. systems and support is seen as an option rather than a necessity are already gone. In order to be competitive, companies, especially small businesses, should learn to harness the power of digital media and online transactions in order to keep up with other established competitors.

Let us help you focus on your business by taking care of your IT…