Does your business have a lot of return customers? Do these customers each have individual price points? If so, there could be a software solution that will allow your business to become more efficient.

Identify when a customer last ordered

If your business has customers that come back to you every week, month, year, etc. this plugin can identify when a customer last ordered so you can anticipate when they might next require an order. This will allow you to send the customer an invoice a few days before they will require a new order. This in time will show that the business is organised and professional which will create loyal customers.


Individual Price points

If your business requires individual price points for customers when it comes to sending out invoices it can be very time consuming to get those prices out of Sage and create a sales order with them. Being able to create this automatically would make this process a lot less time consuming; this is where this Sage Fast Order plugin will be able to assist your business to save the business vital time. Once the individual price points are set up after a customers’ first order you will be able to click on their company name within the plugin and draw out their last order with pre-filled price points from the saved order previously. However, what if they wanted to add a new product or remove something from that order? Would you have to change it on each order you now make? Fortunately not, you can simply add a new item to the order and when it is saved it will be updated to customer account meaning it will be added to their next order. This will save a lot of transferring to and from Sage as this process is automated within the system.

Preventing over ordering

If you are a business dealing with fresh foods or modern fashion this can very quickly become out of date. If you order more stock than you can sell then the produce might expire; this will cost the company a lot of money and will be eating into profit margins. However if you knew the quantity of each product each customer was ordering you would be able to calculate the right amount of stock to bring in. This is another aspect of the Fast ordering software which allows you to easily spot slow and fast moving products so you know what to stock more or less of to optimise profits.

man on sales order processing software

Fast order processing is a useful solution for any business. If you would like a look at the Sage fast order solution we provide find it at or give us a call at 0115 8475210.