Digital technology has completely transformed the way we do business. The change is so fast that many sectors are still figuring out how best utilise innovation. The demand, in many industries, for integrated facilities management software is growing.

Facilities Management is focused upon the efficient and effective delivery of a variety of support services for a number of industry sectors. Facilities Management companies are required to keep their workspaces and equipment in optimum condition all year round while ensuring employees’ safety, as well as staying on top of the forever changing compliance regulations. With so many moving parts some companies make an even harder job of managing their workload when they use time-honoured methods like spreadsheets or even a pen and paper. Using these dated methods increases costs and reduces efficiency. Why not save time and gain more control by using service management software?

Service Asset Manager (SAM) offers a wide variety of multifunctional features that enable facilities management companies to efficiently manage digital assets remotely.

There are several benefits for facilities management companies who use service management software, these include:

Job Management

Facilities management administration staff handle multiple job orders on a daily basis and some of these jobs are more urgent than others. SAM has a job management module that allows you to see all of the upcoming jobs and to prioritize them according to their urgency.

Booking Calendar

In order to organise their workspaces efficiently the administration staff benefit from a full overview of the jobs in one place. SAM has a unified job diary that allows you to see the current reservations as well as make new bookings directly to the diary with a few clicks. To make it even more user-friendly, this feature has a drag-and-drop functionality so you won’t have to re-enter booking details in case of adjustments.

Asset Management

Knowledge of how your assets are being used is essential for any business, especially for facilities management service providers. SAM allows you to access real-time customisable information about your assets, you can also view the entire history of the asset as it records any changes to the asset properties.

Centralized Asset Database

When you are managing multiple facilities it can make record-keeping difficult, with SAM you will no longer have to deal with multiple information silos. The system centralises all asset data and uses and organises them according to however you want to see your information. This makes it easier for managers to pull documents when they need it.

Maintenance Planning

One of the best ways to save money on repairs is to have good planning for routine maintenance. SAM has a built-in maintenance planning feature that allows you to regularly service an asset before there is a need for a repair.

Improve Safety and Compliance

One of the most important aspects of managing facilities is ensuring that they comply with current industry standards and that they are safe for employees to work in. SAM enables access to compliance information that will keep you updated on current regulations.

Customer Relationship Management

It is important for facilities managers to be able to manage all of their customer and supplier information, using the built-in CRM module will also help to market to existing and potential new clients. Effective usage of the CRM will enable you to ensure that your companies brand is in the mind of your potential customers leading to higher levels of new and repeat business.

Mobile App

With several facilities on your books, it is safe to say that you will have many employees visiting multiple locations. The SAM mobile app (available on Android and iOS) allows you to keep a track of all of your mobile operations while your team is moving from one facility to another, mobile workers are able to access the system for required information while on the move.

Customisable Fields

Each organisation is unique and can use industry-specific or even organisation specific language, SAM allows users to add and modify fields in each of the modules.

Customer Portal

Facilities management is about maximising productivity and efficiency and a customer portal can help towards these goals, it allows your clients 24/7 access to log their jobs in, eliminating the possibility of making double bookings. Also, it saves your administration staff time as they don’t need to talk to the customer to receive the booking.

Service Asset Manager

Service Asset Manager is Field Service Management Software designed by Sam Software Solutions Ltd. Visit our website to find out what our service management software can do for your business. Also, you can call us on 0115 847 5210 or email [email protected] if you would like to start your monthly subscription.