SAM Software has some great news regarding our software, we have released a service manager app to connect to our Service Manager software which allows all engineers with an android mobile or Tablet to view all their jobs and work diaries without the need to come in the too office each day. This development has a simple, clean interface for users to quickly scan the day’s work load as it relates to them.

What Can It do?

The mobile app also enables to engineers to communicate easily with the home office as they can give live updates on each job so that the next customer can be contacted if the engineer is behind time. Once the job is complete you can get verification by getting a signature which is stored as an image next to the job.

Why should a business have it?

Coupled with the fact that it simplifies and automates every aspect of your service department, SAM Mobile helps to improve your organisational efficiency and it helps to reduce operating costs. The suite modules enables your engineers, technicians and administrators to collaborate and resolve complex issues in minimal time, removing end-user frustration.

Mobile App showing customer details

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