Fire and Security Software

Fire and Security

The UK fire and security sectors are vital for business in general, several sectors (e.g. aerospace, defense, entertainment, energy, government, etc…) couldn’t function without them. Security products and services currently are currently worth £13.3bn (£5.2bn in exports), this is generated by 11500 companies and 114k employees. With a large and competitive market, many employees and a growing consumer base now is the time for security providers to capitalize on the current environment. Fire and security software is available to help companies to improve their productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

Plumbing and Heating Software

Fire and security companies offer a wide range of products and services from manned security guarding to fire alarm maintenance. Fire and Security software is designed to help fire and security providers to automate their repetitive tasks and have a high level of service delivery. Your office can go paperless and daily activities are streamlined, this makes the business more productive and significantly reduces errors.

Keyholding Contract Software

Companies that provide keyholding and alarm response services for their customers can benefit from SAM. Keyholding and alarm response contracts can all be managed from one place, also, there are a number of features including creating new agreements, generating invoices, asset management and creating intra-organizational agreements are just some of the available features. You’ll never miss a contract renewal and all of your data will be instantly available when required.

Fire and Security

Stock Control Software

If you have products for sale the stock inventory module can manage all of your customer interactions. It holds your supplier catalogues, and product prices plus you can add detailed descriptions and images for each item. You can easily generate Quotations, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders, while minimum and maximum stock levels are monitored and you’ll get an automatic reminder when stock levels are too low or too high. If you operate with multiple locations, it monitors all of the stock levels simultaneously.

Asset Management Software

Maintain a centralised database of all of your customers’ assets with detailed information that includes a description of the asset, it’s warranty details, attached documents or images, the serial number, location information, and other useful information. This information is easily available and accessible and all changes are recorded in the asset’s history. When you have planned, preventative maintenance (PPM) agreements, SAM creates a schedule for the duration of the contract, then it automatically creates a job to be assigned when it’s time for the PPM service visit.



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