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Fire and Security

Fire & Security

The UK fire and security sectors play a crucial role in various industries, including aerospace, defense, entertainment, energy, government, and more. Without them, many sectors would struggle to operate effectively. Security products and services alone contribute significantly to the economy, currently valued at £13.3bn, with £5.2bn generated from exports. This industry is supported by approximately 11,500 companies and a workforce of 114,000 employees. In such a large and competitive market, it’s essential for security providers to seize the opportunities presented by the current environment. Fire and security software offer valuable tools to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. Now is the time for companies to leverage these resources to thrive in the market.

Fire and security companies provide an extensive array of products and services, including security guard services and fire alarm maintenance. Fire and security software streamline operations for providers, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing service delivery.Transitioning to a paperless office environment and streamlining daily activities boost productivity and minimize errors, resulting in more efficient business operations. 

Keyholding Contract

Key Holding

SAM offers significant benefits to companies providing keyholding and alarm response services to their customers. With SAM, managing keyholding and alarm response contracts becomes streamlined, as all aspects can be handled from a single platform. In addition to contract management, SAM offers a range of features, including creating new agreements, generating invoices, managing assets, and establishing intra-organizational agreements. This comprehensive set of features ensures efficiency and accuracy in managing contracts and operations. Furthermore, SAM ensures that you never miss a contract renewal, and all your data is readily available whenever needed.

Inventory Control

The stock inventory module efficiently manages all customer interactions for products available for sale. It encompasses your supplier catalogues and product prices, allowing you to incorporate detailed descriptions and images for each item. With this module, you can effortlessly generate quotations, purchase orders, and sales orders.

Moreover, it monitors minimum and maximum stock levels and sends automatic reminders when stock levels deviate from the specified thresholds. For businesses operating across multiple locations, it provides simultaneous monitoring of stock levels across all locations.


Asset Management

Centralize your database of all customer assets, storing detailed information such as asset descriptions, warranty details, attached documents or images, serial numbers, location data, and other relevant information. This easily accessible data is recorded in the asset’s history, ensuring transparency and accountability.

With planned preventative maintenance (PPM) agreements, SAM generates a schedule for the contract duration and automatically creates corresponding jobs when it’s time for the PPM service visit. This streamlined process simplifies asset management and maintenance tasks.

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