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The UK has seen a significant rise in skyscraper construction, reflecting a global trend towards taller buildings. Consequently, there’s been a surge in lift and elevator manufacturing and advancements in technology. This has fueled a growing demand for lift and elevator maintenance services.

SAM’s lift and elevator software empower maintenance providers to capitalize on this demand surge. By eliminating paper and spreadsheets, job scheduling becomes faster and more accurate, enhancing overall productivity

Customer relationship management centralizes all customer information, recording and making customer interactions easily accessible. You can keep customers updated with email notifications about their job status as it progresses. Lift and elevator software enhances various aspects, including overall maintenance management, customer satisfaction, and communication.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Electrical Contractor

With a service level agreement for lift and elevator maintenance, you can create and store the agreement within the contracts module. Then, you can establish a service schedule for the contract duration, automatically generating a job whenever a maintenance visit is due. The administration team can then assign the job to an engineer. This ensures your mobile engineers never miss a service visit.

Job Scheduling

By utilizing job scheduling software, you can streamline and expedite the job scheduling process. Eliminating the need for paper or spreadsheets, all necessary tools to manage jobs are consolidated within the jobs module. The job overview screen conveniently displays all upcoming jobs, allowing for easy creation, editing, and completion. Instant updates to job statuses enable efficient tracking, while jobs can be easily searched and categorized. Additionally, you can convert jobs into PDF format and configure email notifications for every status change.

Mobile App.

The SAM Mobile App establishes a seamless link between the administration team and mobile engineers, enhancing accuracy by recording all job activity instantly accessible to colleagues in the office. This includes capturing the customer’s digital signature, time-stamped and stored in the job history. Additionally, if stock or parts are needed for a job, they can be added with current pricing for the customer’s convenience. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the app functions seamlessly online and offline.

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