Lift and Elevator Software

Lifts and Elevators

There has been a noticeable increase in skyscraper construction across the UK with more tall buildings being constructed than ever before. This follows a global trend this has led to an increase in lift and elevator manufacturing and advances in lift and elevator technology. The knock-on effect is a growing demand for lift and elevator maintenance services.

Lift Maintenance Engineer

SAM’s lift and elevator software can help maintenance providers to benefit from this increase in demand. Job scheduling becomes quicker with no need for paper or spreadsheets, this reduces errors and increases productivity; customer relationship management keeps all your customer information in one place with customer interactions recorded and easily accessible; you can keep your customers up to date with an email notification informing them of the status of their job as it progresses. Lift and elevator software improves many areas including overall maintenance management, customer satisfaction, and communication.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Software

When you have a service level agreement to provide lift and elevator maintenance, you can create and store the agreement within the contracts module. Then you can create a service schedule for the duration of the contract, and every time a maintenance visit is required a job will be automatically be created, it can then be assigned to an engineer by the administration team. Your mobile engineers should never miss a service visit.

Job Scheduling Software

You can simplify and speed up the job scheduling process with job scheduling software. There’s no need for paper or spreadsheets, everything to manage the job is there in the jobs module. The job overview screen shows all upcoming jobs and it’s where they can be created, edited and completed, the job statuses are instantly updated and jobs can easily be searched and categorized. You can convert the job into a PDF and set up email notifications for every time a job status changes.

SAM Mobile App

The SAM Mobile App creates a seamless connection between the administration team and the mobile engineers. It increases accuracy as all job activity can be recorded and is instantly accessible by colleagues in the office, this includes the customer’s digital signature that is time-stamped and saved in the job history. If stock or parts are required for a job you can add them with current pricing if required for the customer. The App is available both on Android and iOS, and it works both online and offline.