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In today’s dynamic Oil and Gas industry, where nations prioritize eco-friendly solutions for environmental conservation, competition is fierce. Companies are compelled to explore cost-effective measures to maintain and service their expensive equipment deployed at production sites. 

SAM Service Asset Manager emerges as the ideal solution, facilitating seamless project, crew, and job management across global locations. With specialized project management and asset management modules tailored for Oil and Gas firms, our service operations drive enhanced effectiveness and significant cost savings.

Our Oil and Gas software streamlines various daily operations, including asset servicing and monitoring, client communication, and job invoicing. It empowers the administration team to transition to a paperless system while efficiently tracking assets and managing maintenance contracts.

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With centralized information, there’s no need for cumbersome spreadsheets for job scheduling or data recording. The SAM Mobile App eliminates the need for job sheets and provides real-time updates on job status, enabling mobile workers to submit timesheets and paperwork promptly, saving time and money for the business.

Improved Customer Communication

Your administration team gains swift access to comprehensive customer information, including interaction histories encompassing customer locations, contacts, discounts, and purchases. Additionally, documents can be attached as needed. Automated email notifications keep customers informed about their jobs, with updates provided for every change in job status (e.g., job assigned, traveling to a job, job completed, etc.). This seamless communication ensures customers stay informed without additional effort from the administration team. Furthermore, our customer portal grants customers 24-hour access to their job information, empowering them to create new jobs and update job details at their convenience.

Asset management Servicing

If your company has maintenance agreements with customers, our Oil & Gas Software provides efficient management. You’ll have a centralized database housing all customer agreements, with automatic email notifications alerting you when contracts are up for renewal. Additionally, alongside contracts, you gain access to customer assets and service histories, with the flexibility to add notes and attach important documents as needed. Our Oil & Gas Software seamlessly plans preventative maintenance schedules and automatically generates jobs to be assigned during scheduled maintenance visits.

Instant Invoicing

Sam’s Oil & Gas Software streamlines the entire sales process, making it effortless. New quotations can be created in seconds and saved until the customer is ready to proceed with the order. Once the customer is prepared, the quotation seamlessly converts into a sales order and then into an invoice. Similarly, a streamlined process applies to purchasing, with all transactions automatically synchronized with your accounts software. This integration minimizes the risk of errors by eliminating duplicate information.

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