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Amidst the decline of the UK high street, online retail has experienced rapid growth, a trend projected to persist. A report by Globaldata (UK Online Retailing 2019-2024) indicates that the UK online retail channel is expected to grow by 30.4% over the next five years, reaching a value of £75 billion by 2024. This presents a significant opportunity for both existing and new retailers to establish an online presence and tap into this flourishing market. Online retail software is specifically designed to facilitate a seamless transition for both existing and new retailers looking to capitalize on this opportunity.

Online Retail Store

The online retail software automates much of your inventory management, with real-time monitoring. It als synchronizes stock levels across your eCommerce website, retail outlets, and warehouses. You can effortlessly transfer stock between warehouses to maintain balanced levels across multiple locations. The use of bar code technology speeds up and improves the accuracy of stocktaking. Additionally, the paperless stock take reduces the potential for errors, and bar code scanners can be utilized across multiple locations. Data is seamlessly synchronized with the server as soon as the scanner is onli

Stock Control Software

For online retailers managing stock, accurate information about stock levels and locations is crucial. Our stock control software offers real-time information, with sales and purchasing data synchronized with your accounting software. You have access to a comprehensive product list, including images, and can easily add, remove, categorize, and track stock items using various product data. Efficient stocktaking is facilitated through the use of barcodes, batch numbers, and serial numbers. Additionally, historical data can be leveraged to generate reports for analysis, allowing you to forecast future stock levels and optimize purchasing accordingly.

age e-Commerce Integration

Automatically synchronize your website sales and accounting software with Sage eCommerce integration. No need to manually enter website sales data into your accounting software – our Sage eCommerce integration software operates seamlessly in the background while you monitor the results. Once installed and configured, it becomes a fully automated process, with stock levels synchronized with up-to-date product prices and catalogs. Additionally, it enables you to implement customer-specific pricing, categorizing customers into different groups based on pricing or discounts.

Sage Fast Order Processor

Online retailers utilize multiple channels to sell their products, including telesales staff who handle incoming calls for order placement. Sage Fast Order software enables telesales agents to swiftly place orders without relying on Sage Accounts software. It offers a user-friendly interface where agents can access customer details, including purchase history, and proceed with orders. With insight from purchase history, sales agents can engage customers effectively and drive additional sales. This paperless sales process reduces errors and enhances accuracy while safeguarding information security; telesales agents require no Sage Account training and cannot access sensitive company financial information.

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