Online Retail Software

Online Retail

Alongside the decline of the UK high street has been the fast growth of online retail and this growth is expected to continue. According to a report by Globaldata (UK Online Retailing 2019-2024), the UK online retail channel is set to grow 30.4% over the next five years, to be worth £75 billion by 2024. This creates a huge opportunity for existing and new retailers to get online and become a part of a thriving market, online retail software is designed to help those existing and new retailers easily make the transition.

Shopping Online

With online retail software a great deal of your inventory management can be automated, with stock levels monitored in real-time and synchronised across your eCommerce website, retail outlets, and warehouses. You can easily transfer stock between warehouses to ensure that levels are balanced across multiple locations, and your stock taking can be quicker and more accurate using bar code technology. Also, the stock take will be paperless reducing the potential for errors, and bar code scanners can be used across multiple locations with the data seamlessly synchronised with the server as soon as the scanner is online.

Stock Control Software

For online retailers who hold stock it is important to have accurate information about stock levels and locations. Our stock control software provides real-time information with sales and purchasing data synchronised with your accounting software, you have a full product list and can record comprehensive product information including images. Stock items can easily be added and removed, and they can be categorised and tracked using various product data; you can efficiently complete your stock take and track the items using bar codes, batch numbers and serial numbers. Also, you can use the historical data to generate reports for analysis, then you can forecast future stock levels and adjust your purchasing so that stock levels are optimised.

Sage eCommerce Integration

Automatically synchronise your website sales and your accounting software with Sage eCommerce integration. There’s no need to manually enter your website sales data into your accounting software as our Sage eCommerce integration software works silently in the background while you can monitor the results. Once installed and configured it is a fully automated process with stock levels synchronised with up to date product prices and catalogues, also, it will allow you to use customer specific pricing with your customers split into different groups based on pricing or discounts.

Sage Fast Order Processor

Online retailers can use multiple channels to sell their products and several have telesales staff who take incoming calls and so customers can place their orders. Sage Fast Order software allows telesales agents to quickly place an order without using Sage Accounts software, it provides an simple interface where users can view the current customer details (including their purchase history) and make their order. Perceptive sales agents can use the purchase history to question the customer and make further sales. This totally paperless sales process reduces errors and increases accuracy while protecting information security, telesales agents do not need Sage Account training and then cannot view any sensitive company financial information.