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Access Control

With the variety of change and action that a happens within organisations, we have worked on a number of interesting IT projects. We have a vast experience of equipment installation, managing office relocations, and bespoke software development. Our Sales Consultants will help you to plan your next IT-related project.


Shared Internet

We use RMM software (Remote Monitoring & Management) to deliver maintenance and repair work on servers, desktops, mobile devices and other endpoints via the Internet, this allows us to monitor and manage your infrastructure remotely without sending an engineer onsite.


Client Security

We help our clients to organise their IT to align with their broader strategic goals, this helps them to save money and enables them to rely on their technology. We help to manage your sofware license renewals and software upgrades, so that you and focus on what you do best.

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is like any other form of infrastructure, it allows your business to operate effectively. Like countries, the businesses with the best IT infrastructure are able to do the most trade.
Also, just like a countries energy, transport, or communication infrastructure. Businesses require high quality, custom designed hardware, software and network infrastructure.

Your businesses IT infrastructure needs to be regularly monitored, reviewed and upgraded to ensure that it meets the ever changing needs of today’s market and society.
Our engineers are experts and will work closely with you to design, build and maintain systems that meet your business requirements. They will ensure that your organisation is able to function with the most suitable technology that suits your employees, your premises and your budget.

Whatever your requirements, our engineers will help plan and deliver your new hardware with minimal interruption to your day to day activities. From adding new users to your network, to moving to the cloud, or installing the latest edition of vital software, we will provide you with expert advice and guidance.

Hardware Installations Include:

  • File Servers
  • Exchange and SQL servers
  • NAS and SAN storage arrays
  • Workstations, laptops and tablets
  • Printers and peripheral devices
  • Routers and firewalls
  • Network cabling

“We offer IT Support Services if things do go wrong, but our view is that the value comes in the advice, guidance and delivery from our expert team.”