Service Manager Jobs Overview

service manager Jobs Overview Screen

The SAM service module is primarily used by the help-desk team to very quickly log details of issues that are raised by customers. When a service request is received, it is recorded by clicking on the Services icon (if a Service Job), this will display the Service Job Details Window allowing the user to capture all the relevant details about the specific issue.

Self Service Portal

To ease the process of tracking the requests posted by individual customers a Self Service Web Portal is available (optional). This can be used by the individual customers to track the status of their issues and to look up solutions from the online knowledge base.

Job Details

The jobs popup window is initiated by the “Add Job” icon, allowing the user to enter data, you can search for companies by the name of the company, contact first name, last name, Agreement ID or Post Code from the database. If the search returns no result, the company can be added by using the ‘New Company’ button, and enter the Contact Name, Company Name, Telephone and full address.

Once you have chosen a company or entered the details for a new company, you can continue to input the job details.

Template Jobs

There is a facility for saving existing Jobs as templates for future uses, when the save as template button is clicked the current Job is added to the list of Template jobs in the system.


Each job may consists of many tasks that can be allocated to different engineers dependent on their expertise, when an engineer is selected from the dropdown you have the option of assigning them a specific based on their skill sets. These tasks are normally predefined in the system


The parts tab shows a list of parts that are allocated the job, you can add service parts or add parts from stock.


This is where you can update the job with any text information. As well as viewing all other updates against a job.


This is where we attach any file which might be useful for the job. Any kind of file can be attached.


The history in SAM keeps a log of all changes that have been made to the Job and is date stamped.


This is where we can assign recipients of the Job notification when changes are made to the job. Individuals and e-mail addresses can be loaded from engineers list or it can be any unlisted recipient that we would like to receive the notification.


The Recur tab is provided to ensure that recurring jobs can be easily repeated, this is normally used when jobs are repeated on a regular basis, could be monthly, 6-monthly, annually, etc.


The pricing tab allows for the quick creation of an invoice when a job is completed, (long term jobs can also be invoiced on an ongoing basis) it keeps a record of all parts that are used on a job including the engineering times.

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