Do you have an e-commerce website and have to manually key into Sage?

And do you tend to make a lot of errors while doing so?

That can all be solved with our Sage Magento Weblink which can do all this for you.

What can it do for your business?

A company manually keying in sales orders from Magento to Sage can easily be distracted from their other jobs. However a Sage Magento Weblink will take the sales orders collected by Magento and automatically update them into Sage to be processed.

The link between Magento and Sage will allow the stock levels within Sage to be coordinated with Magento so the website displays the stock levels for the products on the website. This tool will allow you to manage stocks live so as soon as an order is received the stock on that product will be updated. This functionality can be disabled for businesses that that order stock on demand so take in all orders and bring in the stock when they need it.

Link E-commerce Website to Sage 50

Why do you need it?

Having the link between Magento and Sage will save a company of any size valuable time and effort at the expense of a small sum. Overall it would cost less than to buy than you would pay to hire an employee to do the same job but without any faults and in a much shorter time.

Want to know how to get in touch?

If you are interested in a Sage Magento weblink or would like any further information on our other products please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on 01158 475210.