Maximizer CRM Overview

Maximizer Overview

Maximizer CRM software is a simple and easy-to-use solution for small and large corporations. The software is designed to provide a complete 360-degree view of your customers and prospects. You get a total overview of your customer’s information including customer contacts, sales, communications, and service history.

Maximizer integrates with all of the most popular Microsoft business apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Office, there are also plugins available for accounting software such as Sage. Maximizer can either be deployed in the cloud or on-premise depending on the level of control companies wish to have over their data.

Business Intelligence

Use Business Insights to analyse and monetise the data, then quickly make informed decisions and make faster sales.




Gain more customers and communicate with them better. Boost customer engagement with email marketing, then track and optimise your campaigns. Also, use Maximizer CRM to improve your marketing intelligence and productivity.



Efficiently manage your sales pipeline and optimise each stage to drive opportunities. Track your team’s sales progress with full visibility and improve their productivity.


Contact Management

Maximizer CRM allows you to keep your customer information in one place making it easier for your agents to resolve cases.


Customer Service

Keep your customers satisfied with timely case resolution while driving agent efficiency. Maximizer CRM will improve your team’s productivity and increase customer retention.



With the choice of a Maximizer cloud or on-premise CRM implementation, you get the type of deployment that matches your company’s needs. You can easily add or remove users, or switch from one type of deployment to another, as the needs of your business change.



With Maximizer Mobile CRM your team can access the CRM anytime and anywhere. Available for Android and iOS the feature-rich mobile apps allow your team to manage their schedule and connect with customers while on the go.


Setup / Onboarding

We will help you to get started quickly and configure your Maximizer CRM. With educational materials, complimentary training, and live customer support you will have a smooth orientation process.



There are several third-party integrations for Maximizer CRM, these pre-built integrations will boost productivity and provide even more detailed customer analysis.

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