Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Overview


This module is designed to facilitate the management of the purchase order process from generating purchase orders through to recording purchase invoices. Furthermore, if dealing with rejected goods, recording the return and despatch of goods back to your supplier through to recording associated credit notes.

All this information can then be monitored to determine the status of orders or returns with your suppliers. Purchase Order Processing brings together your supplier information and the goods/services you purchase in order to efficiently generate purchase orders.

SAM supports the traceability of goods not only within the purchase order process but also the sales order process through the application of batch and serial numbers. The Products module is used to enable batch and serial numbered items and governs the behaviour of stock items within the system.

Using the Purchase Order Processing module, you can:

● Record a purchase order. This is done on an individual basis for a single purchase request.

● Generate purchase orders based on a list of stock items suggested by the system. The system suggests the items for purchase based on stock levels and sales orders associated with them.

● Set up the preferences for direct delivery of stock items so that items can be delivered directly to a customer based on a sales order they raised or to a customer, supplier or other location not related to an initial sales order.

● Put an order or return on hold. This is effectively an internal warning to signify there is a problem but it does not stop further processing of the order or return.

● Print purchase orders and copies of these documents (if you require) for internal use.

● With the support of Transaction e-Mail you can send purchase orders to suppliers using e-mail. The following diagram illustrates the processing areas of the Purchase Order Processing module. Some of the processing areas are optional. Their use depends on how you want the system to process orders and even the type of order you are dealing with. Note: The Purchase Order Processing module can deal with multiple currencies and this is described within the context of the activities.

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