Sage Forecasting

     Buy Sage Forecasting With Sage 50 Forecasting you can create powerful financial forecasts to help plan the future of your business.

    Financial forecasting allows you to experiment with your business and test out the impact of new ideas. With Sage 50 Forecasting you can easily produce professional reports, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid risks.

    With Sage 50 Forecasting you will be able to:

    Sage Forecasting

    • Create accurate reports - with figures you can trust. You’ll no longer need to set up your own complex and inaccurate spreadsheets by using our pre-installed formulae. 

    • Save hours creating professional report. Data can be taken directly from your Sage Line 50 (v8 and above) saving you hours of data re-entry. You also have the flexibility of entering your own data if you choose. 

    • Make the most of new business opportunities. Experiment with business scenarios giving you a risk-free view of the potential impact on your business, allowing you to make the most of new business opportunities. 


    Sage 50 Forecasting - Features and Benefits


    Sage 50 Forecasting helps you plan for growth and success by creating accurate financial forecasts.

    Using Sage 50 Forecasting you can:

    Create forecasts using data held in your Sage 50 Accounts:
    You can save hours of time by creating forecasts using the data held in your Sage 50 Accounts. Pre-installed formulae make it even quicker to produce accurate figures that you can trust.

    Predict and monitor your cash flow:
    By forecasting cash flow, you can easily predict times of good or bad cash flow and capitalise or take preventative action well in advance. It’s easy to update your forecasts based on the actual values held within your Sage 50 Accounts. Fast, regular re-forecasting will help you manage a more stable and successful business.

    See the impact of potential business decisions:
    Once your forecast is set up you can experiment with different ‘What if?’ scenarios, without affecting your base data. Exploring scenarios such as the impact of price rises, new ventures, expansion, or taking on new staff will allow you to instantly see the impact on your Cash Flow, Funds Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Graphs provide a clear and powerful presentation of the impact on your business of these “What if?” scenarios.
    Fit your forecasts to your business:
    You can tailor your forecasts around as many departments and sub-departments as you need. You can choose between monthly and weekly forecasts so they fit your accounting periods.

    Get the support you need:
    Our technical team are on hand to support you and answer any queries. Plus you’ll have 45 days of free SageCover to help make sure everything is running smoothly.

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