Sage Job Costing

Sage Job Costing* is designed for any business which charges on the basis of time, material, labour or other costs. It allows you to accurately track these costs and then automatically generate invoices for your customers, based on their choice of billing method.

Sage 50 Job Costing

In addition, Sage Job Costing is a powerful tool for business analysis since it enables you to see at a glance how much you have spent on each job. With this information, it's easier to make informed decisions about how to manage costs for improved profitability.

Sage Job Costing* is designed to integrate with Sage 50. Together, the two software packages constitute a powerful tool for cost accounting, with maximum accuracy yet minimum effort. You can post directly from Sage Job Costing to Sage Line 50, and all the necessary transactions – including customer records, ledgers and profit & loss – will automatically update.

Flexibility is inbuilt, in recognition of the fact that every business has differing requirements for cost control and analysis. You choose how costs and revenues are broken down. The various cost elements can be sub-divided into as much detail as necessary, making it easy to quantify and assess all of your projects.

Sage Job Costing Professional offers additional features, such as purchase order processing and batch timesheet entry, which are ideal for companies with more complex or specialised requirements.

* Please note: Sage Job Costing only works with Sage 50 Accountant Plus or Sage Line 50 Financial Controller v9.0 or above.

Sage Job Costing - Features and Benefits


Sage Job Costing - Single User

Sage Job Costing - Multi User

Define and track all cost elements of every job. With up to 10 analysis codes you can accurately track and analyse your costs.. Tickscreen1 Tickscreen2
Integrates directly with Sage Line 50, meaning that costs, timesheets and billing information need only be entered once, removing duplication and saving time Tickscreen3 Tickscreen4
Split costs by their constitution component e.g. labour, materials, etc. enabling you to analyse and report on these categories Tickscreen5 Tickscreen6
Track the status of jobs easily, including milestones, summarise costs and revenue and budgets Tickscreen7 Tickscreen8
Track how much of each employee’s time has been used and on which jobs. Tickscreen9 Tickscreen10
Invoices can be automatically calculated according to your choice of billing methods e.g. cost plus, fixed price or combination of charges based upon time, material and other costs Tickscreen11 Tickscreen12
Post invoices against jobs as and when you like, improving cash flow Tickscreen13 Tickscreen14
Offers a range of management analysis reports, including profitability reports that show costs, revenue and profit made against each job. This ensures that the you know exactly how much profit has been made on each job Tickscreen15 Tickscreen16
True multi-user capability, enabling several employees to use the software simultaneously Tickscreen17
Raise purchase orders against specific jobs, enabling you to analyse costs and increase control over what you buy for specific projects Tickscreen18
Budget for costs that you have committed to, but haven’t yet been invoiced for tickscreen19
Save time by processing all your timesheets in a single batch rather than entering all the details on an individual basis Tickscreen20
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