Sage P11D

Sage P11D

Many employers provide benefits to their employees as part of their contract of employment, including company cars, medical insurance, beneficial loans and accommodation. At the end of each tax year, these employers have to submit accurate statutory forms to the Inland Revenue.

With the introduction of complex legislation over recent years, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the amount of paperwork involved in completing these forms, not to mention the need to keep up with the changes to legislation and the many calculations.

Sage P11D

Features that make Sage P11D Essential

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, for any employer needing to process their employees' expenses and benefits, a product from the Sage P11D range is the right choice for you:

  • Manages complex taxable benefits in line with Inland Revenue regulations.
  • Fulfils statutory obligations with minimum effort.
  • No need to complete complicated worksheets manually.
  • Requires no in-house expertise, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Calculations approved by Ernst & Young, one of the world's leading taxation specialists.
  • Links to all products from the Sage Payroll & HR Solutions range.
  • Allows more than one person at a time to use the software (professional version)
  • Includes batch data entry for quicker processing
  • Offers detailed breakdowns, for access to specific figures
  • Allows for easier analysis, with employee groups and profiles
  • Enables customers to amend the content and appearance of their reports, via the report designer
  • Fully compliant with current tax year legislation
  • Calculations approved by leading tax specialists Ernst and Young
  • Integrates with Sage Payroll, Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word, or works as a stand-alone package
  • Produces HMRC-approved forms
  • Directly submits forms P11D and P11D (b) electronically to HMRC


You can update selections of employees' records simultaneously, saving you time and unnecessary, repetitive processing. Uses can assign a number of employees the same medical insurance scheme, benefit template, access level or employee profile, rather than entering each employee's record individually. And employees can be group-assigned to departments, cost centres, analysis fields or employee groups.

Enhanced Class 1A Analysis

Sage P11D Professional's new Class 1A analysis allows you to quickly and easily see the composition of the entries on the Employer's Declaration, Form P11D(b). You can break down each box into its different component benefit types, and further break down each benefit type into the specific values contributed by each employee; thereby greatly simplifying year-end reconciliations, but with the all-important fine-grained control that Sage users demand.

Customise the Look and Feel

You can change the colours of the desktop's background and text, or the appearance of the program's icons. Further, you can assign function keys to open external programs whilst still using Sage P11D and give fields user-defined labels to suit your business needs.

Microsoft Integration

Users can export data from Sage P11D to a variety of Microsoft programs in various different formats. Directly e-mail your employees or set them up as contacts in Microsoft Outlook. It's also possible to run a mail merge to Word or export employer and employee data directly into Excel. You can even use Outlook's Tasks to remind you of key milestones in the P11D year, such as submission and payment dates.

Medical Insurance Groups

If you provide your employees with medical insurance, you can use the enhanced Medical Insurance Groups feature to set up a variety of policies at employer level. You can then assign as many of these policies as apply to each employee during the tax year, and Sage P11D automatically apportions the benefits arising on each policy.

NI Number Validation

You can be confident that your employees' NI numbers are valid and that your statutory forms will not be rejected on the grounds of incorrect NI numbers. Sage P11D validates the two-letter prefix and the single letter suffix of each NI number against pre-defined Inland Revenue-approved criteria for NI numbers.

Company Information

You can now gain a snapshot of your Sage P11D data at any point in time by viewing details of the licence you have purchased, and how much of this you are currently utilising. The number of employers and employees you have set up in the program is also visible, together with the number of those employees due to receive Forms P11D or Forms P9D for the current tax year.

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