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Sales Orders

The Sales orders module is a primary module within the Sam system it allows for the creation of sales orders, invoices, shipping of goods and processing of completed orders and transferring invoices into Sage. The module is designed to help you manage the sales order process, from generating sales orders through to producing sales invoices. By doing so, you can track orders and analyse customer trends.

The module also provides the means of managing returns. Sales Order Processing brings together your customer information and the goods/services you supply. These goods and services are then priced per the selling prices and discounts set within the Price list.

SAM supports the traceability of goods not only within the sales order process but also the purchase order process through the application of batch and serial numbers. The Stock Control module is used to enable batch and serial numbered items and governs the behaviour of these stock items within the system. For more information, see your Sam Stock Control documentation.

Using the Sales Order Processing module, you can:

• Manage the pricing of your goods and/or services. This cover selling prices and discounts.

• Record sales orders using several order entry methods, either full, rapid or trade counter. These methods accommodate the different circumstances encountered when dealing with customers. Repeat orders can be efficiently generated using templates that store details of orders regularly placed by customers.

• Generate and maintain the various documents needed to process sales. This covers documents intended for customers such as sales orders, order acknowledgements, despatch notes and invoices and proforma invoices. It also includes a picking list intended for internal use.

• With the support of Transaction e-Mail you can send sales invoices to your customers using e-mail.

• From the quotations module, you can generate and maintain quotations, which if acceptable to a customer can be converted to sales orders.

• Allocate stock. This can be done automatically by the system or you can control the allocation of stock manually.

The Sales Order Processing module can deal with multiple currencies. This function is detailed within this guide, in the procedures where multiple currencies can be used.

Customer orders are central to your business as a supplier. These are contractual agreements between you, the supplier, and the customer. They define the terms (prices, quantities and times) by which you will deliver products or provide services. Strong order management allows you to maintain order visibility throughout the life cycle of an order, from demand creation to supply fulfilment.

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