Asset Management

Gain Full Control with Asset Management Software

SAM Asset management Software is a powerful, best-of-breed register that controls, tracks and records changes that occur within an asset’s lifetime. The software can be queried to obtain accurate up-to-date or historical data spanning from the point at which the asset was entered onto the system to its present state. SAM Asset Management Software Main Screen The software also provides finance and accounting departments with the very latest techniques available to manage corporate fixed assets.

Features include:

  • Depreciation
  • Inventory Planning/Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Automation of Service Call Handling
  • Easy management of Equipment Calibration
  • Preventative Maintenance

The soft ware is flexibile it allows for flexible use of the user-defined fields, organisations have the freedom to describe things in their internal corporate language. And because we understand that every business is different, users have the freedom to benefit from customisable fields and full reporting facilities.

Whether you need to manage engineering costs against budgets, control costs of service agreements, or improve inventory management, the Software lets you do it all, and helps you stay in complete control.


SAM Asset Management Software also facilitates the tracking of organizational needs through automation, proactively allocating resources to the correct user or department, and thus improving your company's productivity. Whether simply using the off the shelf product or leveraging a bespoke version of the software. SAM Asset management Software dovetails perfectly with your existing business systems and processes. Very often it integrates seamlessly with existing legacy systems, thereby enabling you to populate SAM directly from your existing systems (for example Sage or other Accounts Systems).
SAM Asset Manager depreciation screen With a training package specific to your organization and SAM at your side, you’ll be reaping the rewards of improved efficiency in no time at all.
SAM Asset management Software provides a CRM-style solution with flexible plug-in capability to enable connecting with any accounting solution, from ERP to SAGE.

Main Features

Complete asset tracking Full tracking of your assets over the it’s complete lifecycle.
Management SAM Asset management Software creates a log entry for every change made to your records; who made the change, when, why, as well as preserving previous field value.
Document Library Associate all files as attachments within document library. You can upload key files directly to the SAM database and associate them with individual assets.
Customisable asset types SAM inventory is stored using style templates, which contain a range of user-defined fields, allowing companies to store item-specific information.

SAM Asset management Software provides a complete audit trail for the lifecycle.  The Asset Register also holds a range of accounting information against each asset type that includes features such as:-


  • Smoother Audits – with all fixed asset backup documentation available online from within the document library, internal and external audits are done in less time with fewer people affected.
  • Lower Cost Audits – SAM Asset management Software - enables outside auditors to work faster and results in lower audit costs over time.
  • Faster Audits – instant access to supporting documents speeds the auditing process.
  • Lower Administrative Costs – document transportation costs are eliminated, as are the costs of physical storage space: office space, filing cabinets, offsite storage, microfiche equipment, etc.
  • Improved Control and Compliance – with workflow enforcing accountability and all actions being automatically recorded in the audit log, Accounting can better enforce compliance standards and legal regulations.
  • More Accurate Financial Reporting – SAM Asset management Software integrates seamlessly with Sage Accounts or can provide CSV data for other accounting systems,  preventing financial data discrepancies and increases financial reporting accuracy.
  • Analyze the effect of depreciation charges against individual assets.
  • Disposals and Acquisitions - record acquisitions, disposals, and revaluations.
  • Multiple Budget Options - calculate multiple budget options to optimize expenditure decisions.
  • Asset expenditure Models - utilize live asset information with user-selected expenditure models.
  • Future predictions - enter future predictions for the system to run calculations on.
  • Scheduling & Tracking - all your asset activities and deployments can be scheduled and tracked. Where an asset is due for servicing or leased to a third-party, SAM records these events, together with time the asset is due to be returned.
  • External Database Integration - SAM’s External Database Integration means you can link assets to any existing OLEDB compliant data source. SAM also provides advanced synchronisation capabilities and integration with legacy systems.