Room Booking

    Room Booking

    Online Room booking and Scheduling Software

    Room Booking

    If you're looking for an advanced software solution that gives you a new outlook on scheduling and meeting room management, look no further. SAM's Room Booking and Scheduling has arrived. SAM's Room Booking is a web based meeting room scheduling software package that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room at anytime, anywhere, or location

    Room Booking

    With SAM's Room booking and Scheduling Software you can now optimize your conference and resources operations, and concentrate on providing excellent service to your clients. Overall, with SAM's Room Scheduling you get the most usability from an ideal meeting planning tool.


    SAM's Room Scheduling is a leader amongst Conference Management software solutions. Our product provides an innovative way to organize and manage conference and meeting rooms, and office spaces with a vast array of scheduling options for multiple locations within your organisation.

    Imagine for example your organization has 10 meeting rooms available - with SAM's Scheduling, users are allowed to view room availability and schedule new bookings without leaving their desk, or even from home. It's equally suited to public situations such as Clubs, Universities, or Libraries where rooms need to be reserved in advance.

    Administrators can generate reports to analyze activity, allocate departmental costs, etc. Prepared reports are available such as Usage by User, Type of Space, or by Rooms.

    The softwrae is a comprehensive meeting and conference room manager, scheduler, and resource management system.

    Room Scheduling Calendar


  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Active Directory Management
  • Web Scheduling
  • Links to Sage 50 Accounts
  • System Customization
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Utilisation Reports
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Reports of Room Usage
  • manage Recurring Bookings
  • Maximum Resource Usage
  • Booking Notes
  • Room Booking Customers


    Some of the most unique benefits of Room Scheduling Software include the control and usage of Administrative tasks. With Room Scheduling Software, supervisors can receive duplicate reservation information via email in order to monitor user activity. Administrators can also generate reports to track room utilization by person, department, or job title.


  • Instant scheduling of meeting, conference, studios, and other facilities from home or office for more convenience.
  • Allows self-service booking by all staff or/and clients to help reduce administration overhead and costs.
  • Real-time visuals for checking and booking reservations, which removes the potential for scheduling conflicts.
  • Schedule rooms and space management at all your companies' locations within multiple time zones, without leaving your desk.
  • Create one-time or recurring reservations for quick, time-friendly scheduling.
  • SAM's Room Scheduling Conference Room Management capabilities allow mobile workers to book temporary office space on an as-needed basis.
  • Room Booking Rooms

  • Maximize the management and utilization of corporate assets and services, including meetings rooms, catering services, and equipment.
  • Eliminate reservation confusion and double bookings.
  • Simplify the allocation and administration of shared resources.

  • Cost Effective

    One of the most common problems many organizations face is how to schedule and manage their shared meeting rooms and other corporate assets. Traditional paper-based reservation systems or inadequate people-based scheduling applications often result in frustrating double-bookings or inadequate resource utilization, which costs businesses valuable time - and money.

    Fortunately, many facility managers are implementing our work-space management software to support office, desk, meeting rooms, and even parking space scheduling. By using our software remote employees can reserve shared work-space for the times they will be in the office.

    Our revolutionary Room Scheduling software makes it easier to implement a telecommuting workforce which, in turn, helps preserve the environment and lessens the amount of travel expenses that result from lost or unnecessary travel.

    Implementation and Training

    Users overview

    We can provide training for you and your staff to use the Room Scheduling suite or you can go through the user guides and training manuals. We have taken the guesswork out and simplified the SAM's Room Scheduling software for more user-friendly operation. No more switching from one application to another.

    Because most companies' employees spend the majority of their time away from the office, our software reduces the amount of office resources they need to occupy on a regular basis. This allows companies large or small to utilize the workspace sharing capabilities of the software.

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