Sam Mobile Application

Sam Mobile Application

SAM Service Manager Mobile Application

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SAM mobile is an application designed for providing service personnel and service engineers with a central, portable and flexible solution for tracking and maintaining service requests, job status, job updates, customer addresses, contact information, and stock / job parts usage.

The SAM mobile application, works in conjunction with SAM Service Manager, it ensures that service engineers work smarter and faster with real time access to up to date information about their work schedules, helping them to achieve better customer satisfaction by providing immediate response for service jobs.

The application is designed with field technicians and engineers in mind, it provides a simple interface with consistent access regardless of internet connectivity. Sam mobile simplifies the process of job scheduling and empowers engineers and technicians to successfully complete complex work orders, and present service reports for customer signature. Engineers can also provide dynamic pricing of labour, parts and products in the field and much more.

The application works both online and offline through a data connection such as WiFi and 3G/4G mobile data services. Support Personnel's would receive customer support requests and their scheduled jobs directly to their mobile device, Service Personnel running the SAM Mobile application on their respective tablet/phone would synchronize with the central database, and download customer records, job schedules and stock/part details respectively.

SAM Mobile can work offline, it does not require a data connection, once the application is synchronised with the server, Job statuses and job updates can be updated at the mobile device, the updated information is held locally, until the details can be sent back to the central database via synchronization.


  • Accept incoming Jobs and update Jobs in the field
  • Record Activity against Jobs

Customer Details

  • Scan Parts onto Jobs
  • Look up customer and contact details
  • list all engineer's jobs, filter and lookup specific jobs.
  • Select a job for editing and change the job details.
  • lookup available parts
  • Automatically update with new jobs for the specific engineer.
  • Create new jobs on customer's site
  • Signature, allow customers to sign off completed Jobs
  • Real time data synchronization with the server
  • Filterable jobs list
  • Record parts used
  • Save times spent on jobs

  • Job scheduling and Status updates

    Service Engineers can use the Jobs screen for listing, sorting and searching their scheduled jobs. A job can be selected which will provide a detailed summary such as where the job is located, job status, type of job and job priority etc.

    Updates can be applied to a job such as the type of work carried out, and what was done to resolve or complete the job, these updates are pushed back to the central database in real time or when synchronisation takes place.

    If an item of Stock is required to complete a Job, it will be possible for a Service Engineer to select and add a Stock Part to the Job. This would involve searching for a Stock code, and the quantity required before adding it to the Job.

    Customer/ Site information

    SAM Mobile contains a list of customers and their contact information, the Service Engineers can use the Customers list to find and if required, contact the customer using their phone. Customer Details

    The customer list details all the appropriate customer sites and the contact details of individuals that work at those sites.

    A Service Engineer can use the list to search for a specific Customer, via a Site post code, or Contact name.

    When the engineer completes a job it may be required for the the customer to sign off on the job confirming that the work was completed to their satisfaction. The signature is recorded and stored as an image on the job details screen.

    SAM Service Manager Mobile Application is responsive and adaptive, giving good user experience across a variety of devices.

    We have developed this solution to help businesses using our service management solution stay ahead with improved customer satisfaction.

    The Application integrates with SAM Service Manager and can enable your organisation to fully realise the benefits of improved productivity throughout your entire service team.

    Most importantly, we provide the training and support for this new application that ensures your staff can increase their level of proficiency improve customer satisfaction.


    Stock & Pricing

    SAM Mobile maintains van stock, the service engineers may require information about a specific Stock item that has been recorded in the system and may be required for a job.

    They engineer can quickly search in the parts screen in order to display Stock summary information such as what is currently available in Stock, the stock description, and it's sales price.

    The app can be downloaded from Google play store.