Stock Inventory Control

Stock Inventory Control

Sam Stock Control

SAM Stock and Inventory Control Software based in nottingham

 SAM stock control system gives you full control of your inventory, it is easy to create an invoice, do inventory, goods management, goods category management, keep track of sales, records management, staff permission management, track stock in multiple locations, perform fast stock takes using a barcode scanner and backup and restore data.

The software interfaces seamlessy with Sage 50 accounts. You can be taking orders from one workstation whilst at the same time other users could be booking in stock and managing deliveries, or despatching from separate terminals anywhere within your organisation.  Sam stock system's also includes a flexible Bill of Materials, there is no restrection on the number of levels.

Sales Order Processing

 Processing and management of sales orders is vital to your customer relations and business growth. So if you process your Sales orders quickly, efficiently, you will generate revenue more quickly, and you will also promote better customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.

You can create orders directly from the products screen, then at the touch of a button create either a sales quotation or a sales order which can be immediately processed or dispatched to the customer.

You to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share documents throughout the sales order process with just a few clicks of a mouse.

SAM stock control and Inventory management software is competitively priced, this is a truly cost effective software solution for companies looking to improve workflow and productivity in the work place. SAM Stock control and inventory manager contains all of the features you require to properly manage your stock and control the inventory of your business.

SAM Stock and Inventory Control Software based in nottingham

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase orders are at the heart of a procurement process, the SAM Stock Inventory system allows you to create purchase orders based on minimum stock levels.You can utilise demand-driven stock reordering where purchases are triggered from sales orders. 

You can track outstanding orders from the Orders list view, Procure products from the best suppliers, Manufacturers, Manage up-to-date stock position by monitoring available stock in your warehouse, hold stock in multiple warehouses,Create invoice with a single click from the Sales Order, Display Billing & Shipping addresses while creating orders, Add line items to the Orders and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically, Create printer-friendly Orders and deliver to the Vendors/Customers through inbuilt email service, run stock level update reports, notify inventory positions so that stock is always available to fulfil the pending orders.

Sage 50 Accounts Integration

With the SAM Stock Inventory Sage 50 integration there is no need to duplicate data entry, accounts created in the SAM Stock Inventory software is automatically updated in Sage 50, Stock items can be synchronised with sage 50 and all invoices can be transferred, sales orders and invoices are seamlessly integrated for good management and business intelligence. to Sage 50 in real time.

SAM Stock Control and Inventory Management  Software, Invoicing

E-Commerce Integration

You can Integrate your ecommerce website and download orders from your website, convert them into sales orders ready to be shipped out if products are already in stock, allowing for a large element of customer relationship management (CRM).

Barcode Scanning

The SAM Stock Inventory system allows you to scan barcodes when adding new items into stock, creating orders, moving products between warehouses or picking products for despatch.

Batch/Serial Number Traceability

This feature enables the ability to record and track products going into the stores or into production, depending on the product type you can either batch track or serial number track each product and maintain an inventory of the final destination of those products. This is imperative for any food manufacturers but is also relevant to many other industries

Bill of Materials

SAM Stock Inventory's Bill of Materials breaks down your processes into easy to access areas and there is no restriction on the number of levels. During the manafacturing process BOM products are blended together and forms the finished product. Each component could have its own Bill of Materials and hence forming a tree of Items with multiple levels.

SAM Stock Control and Inventory Management  Software, Invoicing

Other features Include:

• Reports: Monitor and report levels and costs;
•Check stock availability, pick quantity and add to sales order with one click;
• Import: Import current stock inventory with a .csv file;
• Notes: Add notes, URLs and photos to items;
• Unit of Sale: Set sales units for items that are sold by weight or bundles;
• Group common items into categories for easy stock control;
• Tax Codes: Configure sales tax and VAT rates to apply to products;
• Set low-level stock warnings so you know when to reorder;
• Stock levels: Quickly view overall inventory levels, or by location or category;
• See product history of when items were received or sold;
• Transfer Stock: Transfer stock between locations;
• Maintain a database of your customers and Suppliers
• Discounting: Flexible discount matrix apply discounts to customers and products;
• Set up recurring orders and have them sent automatically
• Assign appropriate access levels to different users;
• Simple, easy to use interface;
• Stock reservation, check stock levels and reserve stock for specific orders.

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