Job Costing Software

Job Costing Software

Save time with the creation of quotations, similar to a sales order you can simply create quotations for potential or existing customers. If they want to proceed with the order, quickly convert the quotation into a sales order. The pricing tab allows for the quick creation of an invoice when a job is completed, (long term jobs can also be invoiced on an ongoing basis), the pricing tab keeps a record of all parts that are used on a job including the engineering times.

Job Costing

You can capture the hours and costs for a job, you can estimate the costs for a job and also compare costs against set budgets stored as part of the job details. 


Quote Tracking – SAM will track outstanding quotes notify you when a quote is overdue

Line Items – Add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts

Segment Pricing – Select different prices for the same product depending on the customer segment

Email Quote – Automatically send printer-friendly quotations

Convert Quote – Quickly convert to create invoice with a single click

Customisable Details – Update billing & shipping addresses, and terms & conditions


Increased Profits – profit is a fundamental part of the health of your business, that’s why it makes sense to use job costing software which helps you to optimise your projects and profitability.

✅ Servicing Schedules – having a good service management system helps you identify exactly where the issues are, enabling you to take action on behalf of your clients before things get out of hand.

Time-Saving – the system ensures that you and your staff don’t waste time searching for information, putting together reports, estimating work or doing invoices.

Cost Overruns – the system will ensure that that you reduce cost overruns, this will be one of the first noticeable benefits after implementation.

Focus on profitable clients – The system will ensure that you focus on profitable clients, you should very quickly identify non-profitable clients. Facts at your fingertips enable smart and informed decisions.

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