Service Level Agreements

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The agreements module provides a centralized repository of your service level agreements, using SAM you can manage the assets assigned to agreements (e.g. leases, warranties) with your clients. Create intra-organizational agreements and track the activity of each asset associated with an agreement.

Agreements module overview screen

SAM’s Service Agreements module simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information. The module enables users to manage the assets assigned to Agreements, (e.g. leases, warranties) between your company and external organizations.

Agreement Details

Users can also create intra-organizational Agreements and track the activity status of each asset associated with an Agreement using an extensive menu of reporting functions. The service module places strong emphasis on the setup of Agreements and Agreement assets for the on-going management of assets with contractual ties.


Creating New Agreements – Create new service level agreements

Agreement Management – The status of an agreement can be changed. It could be on hold (temporarily canceling it), draft, active, canceled or expired. Also, service level agreements can be copied, linked to jobs and filtered.

Automatic Reference – Generate an automatic or manual reference for the agreement.

Date Range – Specify the start and end date of the Agreement.

Agreement Product List – Easily add product descriptions field with a simple click, it is then overlaid and displayed with the product list below.

Printing – Quickly print a hard copy of the agreement, also, you can quickly create a PDF version of the agreement.

Invoicing – Produce a customer invoice by pressing the invoice button, you can also bulk invoice based on a date range, or a selected group of agreements.

Invoice Frequency – Set the invoice frequency, either monthly, every six months, or annually. Invoices for this agreement are automatically generated and this can only be changed by an administrator.


✅  Set priority response times for your customers

✅ Customers get unlimited support with a service level agreement

✅ Setup and monitor number of call-outs per year

✅  Customers with a service level agreement reduces the risk of downtime

✅ Customers can budget set for fixed service costs each year

Over and above these specific benefits, there are also a wealth of general benefits that come with using SLAs.

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