You can trust in our experience and expertise

    At SAM we have a far-reaching approach to development which takes all relevant business factors into account, including:

    we provide business solutions in Nottingham derby, Leicester, Birmingham, London, West Midlands, east Midlands and the UK

    • ♦ Understanding your unique business needs;
    • ♦ Looking at how an enhanced software solution will ‘add value’ to your operational processes;
    • ♦ Looking at the precise functionality that your business needs to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively;
    • ♦ Making the best and most efficient use of the available budget;

    ♦ Creating a customer profile to identify who will use the end product.

    We take the pain out of product development for your organisation by providing expertise and consultancy on any (or all) of the following products:

    High quality consultancy

    Since 1995, we have been matching our customers’ precise business needs with the best products from our wide range of solutions. We provide services that are efficient, reliable and user-friendly, making your company more productive and profitable.

    • We keep you fully involved at every stage of the development process;
    • You get advices from highly skilled consultants;
    • We deliver your new solution on budget and time;
    • We provide full training to all your staff.

    Expert tuition across a range of software applications

    Our team is highly knowledgeable and also skilled at identifying the areas where your staff will most benefit from learning more about the software they use. Subject areas offered include various Sage courses, covering different versions of the application, SAM, PHP, Dreamweaver, Outlook, and general server administration.

    Sage Act! Training Beginner

    We can also create bespoke courses:


    Email us with your Training Enquiry: or use our Enquiry Form.

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