Website Development

We deliver a full Magento-based e-commerce web site solution and we are also happy to work on existing Magento sites.

Base and generates XML sitemaps

Magento websites and the system's stock management functionality are stable, accessible and far-reaching in their versatility and power.

We believe that the Magento e-commerce suite is the best piece of e-commerce software available for online shops and stores worldwide.

Our experienced e-commerce web designers and developers have created sites for a wide variety of online retailers and can create sites to promote and sell virtually any product or service.

We carry out site upgrades, design overhauls or simple tweaks, and custom module development to provide businesses with additional functionality for their existing portfolio.


Features of the Magento e-commerce package:

♦ Display your best selling products and show them off with zoomed images;

♦ Intuitive product and category management;

♦ Ability to control multiple stores;

♦ Multi-tier pricing and coupons;

♦ 100% Search engine friendly;

♦ In-depth reports and sales data;

♦ Fully optimised for search;

♦ Compatible with Google Analytics, Google Base and generates XML sitemaps;

♦ Products can be filtered, arranged and grouped by customers to suit their tastes;

♦ One-page checkout;

♦ Advanced shipping rules;

♦ Integration with multiple payment gateways;

♦ Batch import and export of catalogue;

♦ View, edit, create orders;

♦ Extensibility, ability to extend functionality;

♦ Rich customer accounts;

♦ Sage 50 Accounts Integration;

♦ Ensures visitors can find you through good search engine optimisation;

♦ Converts visits into sales by giving customers what they want;

♦ Retains your customers and make them into repeat visitors;

Magento, site upgrades

♦ Integrates your e-commerce systems seamlessly into your business.

Magento customisation

Magento has an advanced extension architecture allowing it’s standard out-of-the-box functionality to be supplemented or even completely rewritten.

Robust and yet flexible, Magento's architecture offers seamless scalability and easy integration with the applications of your choice. If your store requires functionality beyond or different from that of the feature set of Magento, we can fully tailor Magento to meet your specific needs.


Magento speed optimisation

Speed is of the essence when you’re hosting a Magento site and Magento can be very resource-intensive. First impressions count.

Considering the majority users will make up their minds about a website within the first five seconds, load time is crucial. For increased front-end and admin performance we can look under the hood of your specific Magento implementation and server environment and optimise your site for a seamless visitor experience. Whether or not we deployed your particular site.


Magento design, markup and CSS

Your site’s aesthetics are what will essentially differentiate it from the crowd and at Magento Powered we take pride in ensuring that aesthetics are not lost in translation.

We focus on developing designs that are creative, usable, and designed according to SEO best practices. You can also be sure that our Magento themes are cross-browser compatible as we thoroughly test our designs in IE6,IE7, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Magento SEO

Magento is 100% search engine-compliant, but achieving optimal results requires good old-fashioned hard work - meticulous keyword research and an amalgamation of 'on page' and 'off page' optimisation.

We will work closely with you to ensure your shopfront to the world not only looks great and functions perfectly, but most importantly that it drives targeted traffic that converts to sales.


Magento upgrades

Upgrading Magento to version 1.4 can be a troublesome process.

Before upgrading your live store we make a full back-up copy of your site before upgrading it on our development server. In this way we are fully aware of issues that may arise after upgrading.

Magento product uploads

We can import your products from a CSV file into Magento. This includes configurable product imports and importing product images.

Using our bespoke upload script you will be able to update products at any time using the administration section of your store and you will also be able to add additional information, such as product associations, discounting rules, special offers, etc.


links Sage 50 Accounts to the Magento e-commerce suiteMagento Connect for Sage 50 Accounts

Our team has developed a sales processor that links Sage 50 Accounts to the Magento e-commerce suite; it integrates directly in real-time with a back-end Sage 50 accounts system.

The software allows you to administer and maintain your product catalogue or stock control exclusively in your Sage 50 accounts system.

The Magento web store accesses up-to-the-minute product prices and saleable stock availability data directly from Sage, and orders from your Web store are automatically entered into your Sage 50 system. All in real-time, 24/7. Seamlessly, effortlessly.

As the Magento front-end web store and the back-end Sage 50 system are likely to be in different locations, the Sage 50 integration is implemented using a set of Web Services.

Magento payment provider integration

We can integrate online payment solution providers, such as:

♦ Google Checkout;

♦ WorldPay;

Google Checkout, WorlPay, PayPal

♦ PayPal;

♦ SagePay (formally Protx);

♦ Secure Trading;

♦ Barclaycard and HSBC, allowing our clients to take credit card payments through any of the popular internet payment gateways.

We can also install your Magento SSL certificates.

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