Maximizer CRM


Maximizer CRM

With Maximizer CRM you can successfully manage unlimited customer accounts and customise the way you view information.

  • you can utilise the advanced search option in maximizer and create one-click access buttons to frequently viewed prospects and customers.
  • Succinctly manage sales territories by setting up parameters for lead assignment.
  • Automatically assign leads and accounts based on territory rules ensuring that high
    potential opportunities flow to the appropriate teams and representatives.


Leads opportunity mangement

Incorporated sales management functionality and sales forecasting makes keeping on top of sale progress and strategy easier than ever before. With geographical sales reports available at the click of a button, you can track every detail, including probability of close, and take educated, influential decisions to ensure your sales teams hit their targets.

  • Create your own opportunity view using improved key fields grouping, including managing competitor and partner statuses.
  • Capitalise on opportunities with timely automated messages and activities using the new alarm panel. Replacing the pop-up dialogue, a new notification panel will appear, detailing meetings or actions to be taken against a specific opportunity
    assigned, including the contact’s address book details to prep from the initial sales call and generate a higher conversion.


Quotationa and Orders

With CRM integration, at the click of a button you can move your data into a file format you’re more comfortable with, while still keeping everything secure.

Export to Excel for reports, quoting, record-keeping and sharing. Empower your team to beat competitors with fast Excel quoting. You can utilise standardized quote templates and populate them with company, customer and product details. Then sync quoted values with your opportunities module for decisive forecast.

Beat competitors to cash with fast Excel quoting. Build standardized templates and populate them with company, customer, and product details. Sync quoted values with your opportunities module for decisive forecasts.

Maximizer CRM Features Summary

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an ‘out-of-the-box’ CRM solution that can be adapted to the way you work. With a choice of editions and deployment options, it is equally suitable to small and large businesses alike. Maximizer is built to encompass the whole organisatipn, its not just a sales and marketing tool, Maximizer CRM operates company-wide, it helps to unite teams across the organisation and share data to create a better understanding of every prospect and customer. With Maximizer CRM software, the needs of every departments can be catered for and everyone’s role can be made easier From senior management reporting to sales pipeline building from marketing campaigns to customer service case history and much more, Maximixer CRM builds the complete business picture ensuring every department has access to up-to-the-minute information – no-one need ever be uninformed again.

  • Access options: the Web and mobile devices
  • Account and contact management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Create and manage quotes and orders
  • Create powerful quota-based dashboard indicators
  • Customer service management
  • Email marketing
  • Import lead lists from virtually any file format
  • Microsoft Office integration –
    Outlook and Word
  • Mobile access
  • Sales force automation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Task management and automation
  • Time management
  • Track status of quotes and orders

Automate your email marketing

Acquire new leads and nurture existing ones with re-usable campaign templates, web-to-lead forms, alerts and more. Schedule an announcement or a multi-phase drip-campaign, and ensure follow-up throughout the sales cycle.

Inspire with professional email

Enhance the professionalism of your communications with branded email templates for simple announcements or campaigns. Insert headers and footers to reinforce your corporate story. Personalize your messaging with signatures and custom fields.

Track your results

Get real-time campaign statistics. Track KPI like successful deliveries, opens, click-throughs, conversions and more. Analyze the results using personalized dashboards and reports.

Drill-down and fine-tune your approach

Discover how each contact responded. Quickly generate a contact list based on opens, click-throughs and more, and personalize your follow-up to each recipient.

Outlook integration

Drive productivity and success by tracking all your contacts and email communications inside a single application. Sync Maximizer with Outlook in seconds using our pre-built integration.

MailChimp integration

Create superior intelligence on your MailChimp campaigns — straight from Maximizer. Synchronize contacts, campaign statistics, custom fields and more. Have new leads appear in Maximizer automatically.

“Drive effective lead generation and improve your campaign tracking with powerful marketing software. Maximizer enables you to manage all your prospect interactions on a single platform. Create automated campaigns, track your results, and know your return on investment with our ROI calculator.”