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Hospitality and retail businesses with more than one POS terminal can gain many advantages when they are connected. Samtouch Office is a cloud-based solution that allows you to synchronise your POS terminals on one site, or across various locations.

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You can highlight trends and monitor performance in real-time while on the move with 24/7 access to your business’ vital information. Monitoring stock shortages or identifying staff errors is just a fraction of Samtouch Office’s capabilities with ongoing maintenance transferred to each of your desired POS terminals from one location.

This easy to use, low cost, SAAS cloud-based back-office solution provides owners, managers, and head office with a higher level of management reporting and system management. It allows you to manage one or various locations at your leisure while instantly making changes to pricing and menus as required.


  • Remote Management – Access your data anytime, any-place, anywhere allowing you to run your business. Microsoft Azure provides a secure connection with the highest level of security, there is no need to purchase any hardware, while you receive new features and enhancements with automatic system updates.
  • Employee Management – Using Samtouch Office helps you to manage your employees in many ways. It gives you accurate pricing and can help to reduce shrinkage while monitoring over rings and refunds. You can keep a track of the hours worked by all staff members.
  • Sales Reporting – Connecting Samtouch on your POS terminal with Samtouch Office gives you access to a wealth of sales reports that are instantly updated in real-time. The time range of the reports can be adjusted to meet your preference, and you can drill down into each terminal across multiple sites, also, you can access reports on each location and assess their profitability.
  • Security & Recovery – POS applications and business data are vital for daily operations. Samtouch Office is a SaaS back-office solution that is hosted in one of the worlds most secure cloud infrastructures, at the time of a hardware failure Samtouch Office will automatically take a business snapshot and restore it to its last saved restore point.
  • Product Management – Businesses in the retail sector have a wide range of requirements from their POS solution. Therefore, Samtouch Office has a wide range of features for retail businesses to help them with their product management. You access comprehensive product information, automatically schedule product prices and updates, and perform product maintenance with price amendments.

Samtouch Addons

Samtouch SamView

The Samtouch Office addon SamView is a reporting app and is an easy way for business owners to view reports while on the go. Available on Android or iOS with a user-friendly platform the SamView app has a variety of reports to help you to track performance and highlight trends.

Samtouch SamCount

Like SamView, SamCount is a Samtouch Office add-on that was designed to enable retail businesses to efficiently do a stock count and it is backed up by intelligent reporting.

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