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Cloud Computing Solutions

Working within a cloud environment allows your team to collaborate more effectively, and your staff can communicate and share information much easier than with traditional methods. 

If your team is working across multiple locations, you can use cloud solutions to give the relevant people access to the same files. 

Also, cloud computing technologies can be used to securely share information with your consultants (for example, sharing your accounting records with your accountant or financial adviser).

Cloud Solutions
Cloud Experts
Move your Infrastructure to the Cloud

Whether you’re new to the cloud or have been working in the cloud for years, SAM Software Solutions has the experience to support your business. We will help you understand the cloud and your options to ensure your Cloud migration streamlines, secures and enhances your activities.

Cost Effective
Cloud Servers

As cloud computing uses remote resources, your organisation can make savings on the cost of servers and other IT Infrastructure. Also, with most cloud service providers offering a pay-as-you-go subscription service, you only pay for the cloud services that you use.

Excellent Support
Licence Management

With Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms offering different features, it is important to consider the size and goals of the organisation, the expected growth rate, and budget before choosing the correct cloud solution. Our engineers are there to help you to make the right choice.

If things do go wrong, the value of our support comes from the advice, guidance, and delivery from our expert team.

We can guarantee the seamless continuity of your business and will ensure that your migration to the cloud is stress-free with little impact on your day to day activities. There are several deployment options to work with so the best way to determine the best solution would be with a consultation with one of our sales consultants.

Your team can Operate from any Loation

Cloud computing allows your team members to connect to the software applications and files that they use daily for their day to day activities. This enables your team to seamlessly operate no matter how the external environment changes. It boosts your team’s collaborative efforts while increasing productivity and uniting your workforce with instant communication. From Microsoft Dynamics to Azure and AWS, cloud computing helps you to improve productivity and changes what is possible.

What is the best cloud solution for my company?
There are many factors to take into account when deciding on the best cloud-based solution. The type of files that you will be using and the available bandwidth will decide what is best for your situation. SAM Software Solutions will work closely with you to design your cloud infrastructure that will deliver on the features you need, whether public, private or hybrid solution.

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