Office Relocation Services


Office Relocation Moving Trolley

Like moving home, moving offices can be an extremely stressful process with multiple moving parts. These include planning the move, coordinating the ordering and delivery of the equipment, liaising with multiple vendors, all the while ensuring that the project stays on budget and on schedule. Our IT project management team has gained valuable experience after project managing several office moves and would be happy to relieve you of the hassles of an office relocation.


Equipment and connectivity

Ensuring that your team has the equipment and connectivity they need is crucial for your business, that’s why we manage the entire relocation process for you. From provisioning new lines, designing and installing your network infrastructure, to liaising with site contractors our engineers will work to make sure that your team is able to make the move with minimal interruption to their daily business activities.


Planing and implementation

Planning and implementing an office move is enormously time consuming, taking away hours that should be spent focusing on your business. This could have serious repercussions if you are already working to a tight schedule, our office revocations remove this pressure and allow you to focus on running your business, content that the move is running smoothly.

IT Consultancy

Businesses have unique requirements when it comes to their IT infrastructure and management. Every business has specific needs and this requires a customised approach.

From managing remote workers to planning office moves and relocations, or implementing and designing your new network infrastructure, there are many factors involved.

Our role is to help you to manage these issues and our qualified engineers have a vast knowledge of several IT disciplines, these include: office relocation, cyber security, backup and disaster recovery, network design, cloud infrastructure and many more just ask.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with your to ensure that we appreciate your business goals to develop IT systems that meet your needs.

Whatever your requirements, our engineers will help plan and deliver your new hardware with minimal interruption to your day to day activities. From adding new users to your network, to moving to the cloud, or installing the latest edition of vital software, we will provide you with expert advice and guidance.

Hardware Installations Include:

  • File Servers
  • Exchange and SQL servers
  • NAS and SAN storage arrays
  • Workstations, laptops and tablets
  • Printers and peripheral devices
  • Routers and firewalls
  • Network cabling

“We offer IT Support Services if things do go wrong, but our view is that the value comes in the advice, guidance and delivery from our expert team.”